What Do I Need to Get Pregnant? Sex.

10 Mar

My friend’s nephew saw an image of sexual intercourse in an encyclopaedia and though it was a human ear picture. He has a point, eh? 🙂

Anyway. Of course you need to have a sexual intercourse to get pregnant. Duh.

But that seems to be the only certain thing about it.

Some say you should have sex as often as you can. Every day, twice a day – the more the merrier better.

And then there are others that insist that sperm needs about 36 hours to fully develop – otherwise you get an ejaculation full of under-developed sperms. I am not sure what that means, though.

But usually clinics require abstinence for a couple of days before sperm tests. So I guess the ‘have sex every other day’ theory holds more truth to it.

And then they also say that sperm tends to survive in a woman’s body for 3-4 days (some die-hards actually can last as long as 2 weeks!) Hmmm… but why then it is to important to have sex on the ovulation day?

And then there’s also this little thing about the ovulation day… but that’s a whole other story!




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