Scary PCOS Symptoms Lurking All Around You

29 Mar

“Ooooh, this is the poly-cystic ovary of all poly-cystic ovaries!” – exclaimed the guy at fertility clinic performing a highly uncomfortable ultrasound examination on me. I threw a glance at the screen and saw something that looked like a petri dish with bacteria in it. Or a scan of a pile of grapes.

After they sucked over a dozen of vials of blood from me, they sent me home and told me to come back in 4 weeks.

I spent those 4 weeks awaiting the impeding doom. I read Julie and Julia where, coincidentally, Julie also suffers from PCOS and longs to get pregnant. I was envisioning terrifying diagnoses and following invasive procedures…

I looked up PCOS symptoms: oh dear God, how many side effects are there! From obvious ones – like irregular or interrupted cycle. To glucose intolerance (high risk of gestational diabetes… high risk of miscarriage). To acne. To excessive hair – mustache, beard (when I was examined, my doctor raised a surprised eyebrow and pointed an accusatory finger at my tummy: “but you have no hair here!” – I almost felt ashamed for my bald under-navel-ness). To lack of hair on your head, all the way to getting bald like old men do. To weight problems. To migraines.

But the freakiest symptom award goes to… clitoris enlargement! My endocrinologist asked me: do you find your clitoris getting bigger? While I was trying to think whether I ever paid any attention to its size, and whether I would even notice if it got any bigger, she asked me, kindly: “do you know what a clitoris is”? Duh. Anyway, I was so perplexed by her question (I never new clitoris can grow!) that I went online the moment I got home.  Seriously, google it – clitoris can become like a tiny penis, up to a couple of inches long!!!

That’s a scary world out there when you got PCOS. No kidding.


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