So What, Exactly, Is My Problem?

31 Mar

dusty book, my history, medical PCOS historySo I started this blog with a couple of smart posts with some general ideas. But this is a personal blog, after all. I am not a clinic, nor a fertility yoga class or healthy eating book. I’m just me.

So here’s a short story with, perhaps, too many boring details. But maybe it’ll help someone?..

Marital History:

  • I always wanted a family. Got married young, had high hopes and expectations… but my husband kept postponing and postponing and postponing having kids. He was, in fact, so terrified of the idea that sex became a rare species in our household. So rare that I went off the pill. Years ran by, and we ended that meaningless marriage.
  • I met another guy. No he REALLY wants to have kids. So last year we got married.

TTC or 5-Month Drought (spring-summer 2010):

  • I went off the pill right after the wedding and we started TTC. And the period never came. Pregnant????
  • No. The test said no.
  • But period still didn’t come. And didn’t come. And didn’t come. And the tests kept showing me their leering negativity.

Provera or Fake Periods (fall-winter 2010):

  • After 5 months of drought, I went to see a gyno. He put me on provera, which triggered a fake period.
  • And then, again – one month passed, two months passed, three months passed… He put me on another provera and referred to a fertility clinic.
  • I got a provera-triggered fake period and got ready to wait for my fertility clinic appointment which was a couple of months away.

Period? For Real? (winter 2010)

  • And then 2 weeks later I got another (natural?) period.
  • But then again – 1 months went by, 2 months went by, 3 months went by…

What Did The Fertility Doctor Say (Feb. 2011)

  • During those months we were seen at the fertility clinic.
  • Good news: my hubby is perfectly healthy. 72 millions, 70% motility.
  • Good news: numerous ultrasounds of my breast, thyroid, and full abdomen came all normal. My sugar and glucose are all normal. My testosterone is higher than normal but not too high. And it seems like only one ovary has cysts, but it has a LOT of them. So all in all, the doctor thinks he only needs to tune up “the radio wave” in my head so that it sends the ovulation signals to my ovaries.
  • The doctor prescribed me provera again and told me to call him when the drug-triggered period starts.

Latest News (Mar. 31, 2011):

  • Surprise: my period just started on its own. I was supposed to start taking the drug today. Not sure what I am supposed to do now…
  • Thoughts: I know you can have periods but not ovulate. I wonder if that’s the case.
  • Barrier: they’re probably supposed to start my cycle monitoring, but I am going on vacation on Sunday… I guess that means I am missing the action on this cycle?..
  • Staying positive: but it means we can keep trying!!!

Update (April 27, 2011) Cycle 1 under treatment:

  • CD2: I called the clinic and went to see them. They did an ultrasound, took blood, gave me Femara (5 pills) and told me to come back on CD9
  • Instead of CD9 I cam back on CD13 for I was away on vacation (they were aware of this)
  • CD13: one follicle of 1.8 cm on the left, few smaller follicles on the right
  • CD14: the big follicle reached 2 cm; they decided to stimulate my ovulation with a shot (later I discovered that my hormones were still climbing steeply, so some more follicles might have grown mature)
  • CD14-15: sex, three times
  • CD16: back to the clinic, ovulation confirmed
  • CD21: progesterone test. The doctor didn’t see any necessity in the supplement
  • CD28: negative pregnancy test
  • Back to the drawing board
  • The cycle was 31 days long (man, my luteal phase is long!!!)

Update (May 27, 2011) Cycle 2 under treatment:

  • CD2: I called the clinic – they told me to come in on CD 4
  • CD4: ultrasound showed no cysts no nothing left from the previous cycle; did a blood test, doc told me we’ll be trying the same scenario once more; she gave me 5 femara pills and told me to come back on CD10
  • CD4-CD8: taking femara; my period is back to what it used to be when I used to have periods: long and thick and volumous (I invented this word)
  • CD10: blood and ultrasound. Two follicles worth mentioning, again on the left side. One is 1.3 cm and another is 1.5 cm. I am to come back on CD12 for further measurement.
  • CD12: one follicle got to 1.8 cm, the other is lagging behind at 1.5 cm
  • CD13: one follicle got to 2.0 cm. I got an ovulation shot.
  • CD14-CD15: rabbit sex (oh, we also had sex on CD12)
  • CD16: ovulation confirmed. Out of the blue, I was told my progesterone was on the lowish side, so I was given the “pussy pills”. To be taken until BFN or until week 12 of pregnancy. One in the morning, 2 in the evening. Urgh.
  • CD17: started taking the pussy pills
  • CD19: due to increasing discomfort and itchiness and burning was advised to take the progesterone rectally. Urgh.
  • CD21-22: light brown spotting
  • CD23: bright pink spotting in cottage-cheese discharge; discovered a bright red blood clot on my toilet paper. Worried.
  • CD24: progesterone blood test; the doc said it’s probably yeast infection that is responsible for the blood clot. Not to worry, we’ll take care of it later.
  • CD22-27: I notice that I wake up at 5-7 am with a strong urge to pee. It also seems my nipples are getting browner.
  • CD27: BFP!!!!

Update (Sep. 16, 2011) Pregnancy

Trimester One

  • Week 5: the yeast seems to be clearing up on its own. The peeing thing in the morning is driving me insane. Pray for the baby to stay comfy in my uterus. Light brown discharge, but betas went from 63 on Friday to 230 on Monday. I am to come back in 2 weeks for the ultrasound.
  • Weeks 5-6: slight nausea in mornings that lasts for about 30-60 min. And then, thankfully, it was gone!
  • 6w1d: ultrasound #1: heartbeat! Other than the heartbeat, couldn’t understand what we were looking at 🙂
  • Weeks 7-9: EXTREME bloats, very painful (like intestines being slit with a knife), and I looked like 5-6 months pregnant. Terrible! Eliminating most fruits from my diet and introducing more bread and rice somewhat improved the situation.
  • Weeks 8-10: frequent round ligament pains
  • 8w3d: ultrasound #2: heartbeat! Baby! Head, legs, arms – all is there!
  • I don’t like sweets anymore. I dig all things wheat: bread, pizza, pasta – but not sweet. My staple breakfast is orange juice and bagel with cream cheese. I eat lots of mangoes and oranges for they don’t make my bloat.
  • 10w3d: ultrasound #3: heartbeat! Baby is MOVING! It actually did a somersault while we were looking at it. The u/s tech said the baby sneezed LOL. Baby measures at 10w (3 days behind). Graduating from fertility clinic to ob-gyn!
  • 12w5d NT ultrasound – baby is a few days ahead now!

Trimester Two

  • 15w – started to feel baby moves!
  • 18w0d – felt the baby kick on the outside – with my hand
  • 18w6d – my hubby felt the kick with his hand!
  • 19w2d – NT scan results are in – chances of down and other diseases they check for are 1 in thousands!
  • 19w4d – anatomy ultrasound – it’s a boy! Measures 5 days ahead
  • 19w4d – saw the baby kick – my belly went bump!

My baby was born at 40w2d through a c-section after 24 hours of labour. Reason for the c-section? He was almost 10 pounds! He’s the best baby ever 🙂


4 Responses to “So What, Exactly, Is My Problem?”

  1. onesweetdream83 April 1, 2011 at 8:11 AM #

    Just enjoy your vacation! If anything happens naturally (ovulation) great… if not, then when you come home, you don’t have to wait for a new cycle! I am very similar to you, and have started many many rounds of medicines and monitoring mid-cycle. As long as natural ovulation hasn’t occurred, you can start your meds.

    • zygotta April 2, 2011 at 3:33 PM #

      I used to have pretty long cycles (around 5-8 weeks) – before I started to have no period, that is – so it’s highly unlikely that a natural ovulation will occur within the next week

      but yes, I’m so glad it started just before the vacation and not while I was there! Now I don’t have to skip this cycle!

  2. BleedingTulip April 27, 2011 at 10:53 PM #

    I am one of those who gets a regular period but I don’t ovulate on my own. (I had my regular OBGYN tell me that wasn’t possible so I went above her head and made an appt with a fertility specialist anyway who confirmed my fears) I hope your doc can pin down your issue and find a drug regiment that works!!!!

    • zygotta April 28, 2011 at 6:51 AM #

      I just realized I forgot to write hear my actual diagnosis: PCOS! A whole post devoted to my diagnosis and I forgot to mention it…

      I heard about regular cycles and no ovulation, my friend had the same. It took about 6 months of medication to get her own body to start working like a clockwork.

      Good job going over your obgyn’s head!

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