13 Apr

Have you seen that Cirque Du Soleil performance, Ovo? Ovo is an egg that they keep steeling and losing throughout the performance.  “Ovo” means egg. Hence the word ovulation.

This morning, I tried to persuade my hubby to have a quicky (hey, ‘quicky’ isn’t a word? my computer underlined it…) but he was in a bad mood and refused. He worked late last night and overall is very frustrated with his job and coworkers. It happens after vacations, you know… especially when you come back to over a thousand emails waiting for you.

Anyhow, I got pissed off. The reason I wanted a quicky was that I suspected I am about to ovulate as I noticed  the infamous ‘raw egg white’ substance going on.

As he was driving me for another day of cycle monitoring (it’s my CD14), he sheepishly asked if they are taking blood each day… and if they poke me with intravaginal ultrasound every day… and what will happen if we don’t get pregnant this cycle (the whole pill-blood tests-ultrasounds marry-go-round will repeat itself). So I guess he felt so bad he pronounced himself guilty and suggested we go home. I refused.

The good news is that I haven’t ovulated yet. The follicle in my left ovary that was 1.8 cm yesterday became 2 cm. Perfect size. On the right side, the follicles grew bigger, but none approached the ready-to-use size.

So the doctor decided to trigger ovulation with a hormonal injection ($95 bucks!) – for with PCOS the ovo might not ovulate on its own. And the egg will over-mature.And the whole cycle will be wasted.

A little under-the-skin shot (some hormone, the name of which I do not recall) in my lower back. Not butt – lower back. Weird spot.

So we’re prescribed to have sex today and tomorrow and I am to come back on Friday to make sure that I did indeed ovulate.

After the appointment, I had a thai yoga massage (or something like that). She stretched my whole body – and even massaged my stomach. Which I didn’t like. I mean, I can literally feel my ovaries all stretched out with the eggs maturing and growing in them. I didn’t enjoy her pressing them. I have never had a belly massage before. Weird.

And I have a job interview tomorrow. And my brain is just not in the right space. I can’t concentrate (and I need to for they gave me an assignment!)

Wish me luck… with the sexual intercourses (LOL, what an arousing definition) and with the job interview tomorrow morning…


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