Cruel Stats

22 Apr

Peculiar, you know, how stats can be turned whichever way you want. When we’re avoiding pregnancy, we tend to exclaim something along the lines of: “birth control pills are only 97% reliable?! There is a three percent chance that I will get pregnant?? And then we think about doubling our protection with a condom. Or if there’s none at hand – plastic food wrap. Ew. I never did this – just heard people do this…

And then start trying to get pregnant, and all of a sudden your whole perception flips.

They say that getting pregnant is not all that easy. They say that while you spend all your life trying to prevent getting pregnant, the chances of actually getting pregnant are pretty slim.

If you are on top of the man while having sex, you’re lowering you chances.

If your man is jogging each day, he’s overheating his testicles, damaging his sperm quality, lowering your chances.

If you’re eating peas, they release some dangerous, conception-fighting chemicals, lowering your chances.

Finally, if you’re not ovulating right now, your body acids kill almost all of the male sperm. Talking about chances.

But even if your man is asserting an aggressive, dominant sex position, you’re religiously avoiding peas, and having sex each day of the 4 days leading into your ovulation and on the day of your ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant are still about… one out of four.

Sounds pretty slim, if you ask me.

Funny how although now that the chances of the same thing (pregnancy) grows from 3% to 25%, it seems insufficient.

And to top it off, nature played a cruel joke on us. We are born with all the eggs we are ever gonna get. And slowly but surely, we’re running out of them. Each month we lose another, and then another, and then another. With a 25% chance of getting pregnant while following all the rules, you still can spend months in fruitless attempts to get pregnant.

One out of four.

And we haven`t even discussed PCOS and the rest of the ugly things that are just waiting to get in the way.

I am taking my vitamins, I make sure my hubby wears well-ventilated boxers, I am avoiding peas. I don’t flip a coin.


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