Power of Imagination or Long-dreamed Reality?

24 Apr

My pregnancy test is scheduled on Wednesday. I do have a home pregnancy test in by bathroom cupboard, right under the sink, but somehow I am hesitant to use it. I’d rather wait until Wednesday. Until the results are bullet-proof.

But over the last couple of days I noticed, whenever I lay on my belly, a feeling as if there is a small balloon somewhere where my womb is located.

I also took a great liking of fish. Usually I am not big on fish. I order it every once in a while. I cook and eat it now and then. Over the past few days fish was my food of choice, daily. Not quite a crazy craving, no. But still – I find this wonderfully strange.

This might well be just figment of my imagination, having read what to expect, what the signs of early pregnancy are.

But then… maybe the dream came true and there is a little baby taking roots inside me? I feel hopeful and wondering.


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