Thanks and Updates

27 Apr

Thank you all for your support and kind words. I am not devastated, I am not overly upset. But I am gloomy and slightly depressed. I am out of work, so I have way too much time on my hands to brood.


I decided to start a “project” to occupy my brain and help me while the time away. A small creative project. I will be… writing a story. Like a fairy-tale with a fictitious animal character, and it will be related to IF.

Expressing myself through creative writing… I am undertaking this at least for the next cycle. Will see how it goes and whether I want to continue (also, it will depend on the success of the next cycle, I think).

Mmm… Welcome to the book club, if you’re interested 🙂 I might even throw in a picture here and there. Have a I ever mentioned I draw and paint?

Should be very therapeutic.


4 Responses to “Thanks and Updates”

  1. BleedingTulip April 27, 2011 at 10:45 PM #

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I think a fairy-tale sounds really wonderful. In my old blog I talk about my made-up infertility monster…
    It is important to keep busy, and a creative outlet is vital. Best of luck on the job front. If I learned one thing in IF it is that I can’t put my life on hold for all the “what if I get pregnant”s… so get a job, go back to school, whatever you want to do FOR YOU. And if you get pregnant than you can figure out what to do from there (take a leave from work, take a semester of school etc) *hugs* can’t wait to read your story!!!

    • zygotta April 28, 2011 at 7:00 AM #

      Thank you Kira
      You have two IF blogs! Can I ask – why?

      I know about keeping busy. I have friends who have been trying for years now, so I know you cannot hang your life on it… So I am looking for a job. It just isn’t going very well (hence bad mood).

      But I will pull thru all these blues!

      PS Love your monster. I don’t have the description of the one I will use in my story – but I came up with its name. Can you figure it out? Egair Racsim!

      • BleedingTulip April 28, 2011 at 11:23 AM #

        I don’t actually updated both blogs. “Grafting a Branch” was my first blog, I started writing it when my husband and I decided to pursue parenting through surrogacy when a friend had volunteered to be our surrogate. However I decided to stop that blog and start a new blog for two reasons. The first is that for personal reasons my friend decided to step down from being our surrogate so the purpose of that blog (following a surrogacy) has changed. Secondly, a number of people in real life had found my blog and were using what I had written to not only send me flaming emails and make my life very difficualt, but were also attacking my friend and I thought that I needed a fresh start and hopefully those people would not find my new blog. (I do not link to my new blog from there, I had readers email me and ask for the new URL)

        Luv your monster name 🙂 I’m already feeling a bit better. I only have to go into work for a few hours so I got to sleep in and catch up on sleep, and was finally able to plan a nice long walk with my friend this afternoon.

        • zygotta April 28, 2011 at 1:27 PM #

          Yes, I didn’t tell anyone about this blog. I opened a separate email account, took a different name… Only this way can I use this place to express the thoughts I want to express without double-filtering everything (that’s what happened to my other blogs over time)

          enjoy your walk!

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