On the Bright Side

28 Apr

CD29, 15DPO, 1 day since I got the BFN.

Let’s look on the bright side and squeeze everything possible out of the BFN situation.

1. I don’t have to waste my hot yoga certificate. I got 10 classes for a total of 30 bucks – such a bargain! Everyone knows hot yoga is a no-no for preggies. So – to yoga!

2. I don’t have to waste my rollerblading coupon. I have a coupon for one class. Since falling isn’t recommended during pregnancy, using this coupon while not pregnant is perfect

3. I need to lose some weight. Not too much, maybe 6-8 pounds. Torturing yourself while pregnant isn’t advisable. But I sure can torture myself a bit right now.

4. Wine date with girlfriends is overdue. We’ve been traveling one after the other, hardly crossing paths lately. So now we can get drunk as much as we want, together!

Also some bright-side considerations:

5. I haven’t been consistent with my preg-vit vitamins until about 2 weeks ago. I kept forgetting a pill here, a pill there, sometimes forgetting them for a whole week at a time. Now there will be more, consistently accumulated vitamins in me!

6. It might not be a good thing to change the bedsheets, so to speak. Over the year, I almost didn’t have any menses and the menses I got right before this last cycle were very light and short – for me. So a whole cycle of growing and shedding the lining in my uterus might be a good thing

7. I also was under a lot of stress. I think I finally am resurfacing. Which is also much better.

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