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Day X

27 Apr

Today is CD28. I couldn’t fall asleep for a very long time last night, the way I used to before tests, exams,  or first days at school or work. This time it was also because of a test – the pregnancy test.

Waking up was insanely hard.

The reception nurse wished me luck. My doctor walked into the blood-drawing room and asked me how I felt – exhausted? Sore breasts? Both doctor and the blood nurse beamed excitedly at me. Then another nurse passed by, too – smiling and wishing me luck.

I don’t know. I am always tired and my nipples have been sore for 2 weeks, this isn’t something recent. And I feel mild cramps. But my vagina also feels sore and tender (my friend told me this was one of the signs with her 3 pregnancies).  We shall wait and see.

I am excited, I am scared, I am hopeful.

I will find out in 4 hours…

98.42 ºF

26 Apr

Okay, I have never charted my basal temperature. My cycles have always been so outrageously irregular that I never saw the point.

As I am waiting for my pregnancy test to be taken tomorrow, I listen intently to every sound and movement in my body (I’m currently unemployed, you know, so too much time for navel-gazing and such).

And today I decided to take my temperature. I read once that putting a thermometer under your tongue is just as good as shoving it up your @ss, so I put it under my tongue. I’m CD27 and I my temperature is quite higher than the normal 36.6 C – it’s 36.9 C (which equals 98.42 F).

Excessive googling didn’t provide me with any definitive answer. It looks like usually basal temperature rises after the ovulation and remains elevated until just before the menses. The unanswered question is: how close to the menses it actually drops? Should it have dropped by CD27 if I ovulated on CD15?

I know, I know = tomorrow am I’ll do the test, tomorrow pm I’ll know the results. But I can’t just sit and wait. And somehow I cannot bring myself to do the home pregnancy test.

I keep looking hopefully at all the vague sign, clinging to my hopes.

Here Come The Crampsssss

25 Apr

CD26 – I feel moderate cramps, the way I usually do within 24 hours before AF. Slight cramping, some intestine disturbance. Ugh, am I going to have a period and start another treatment cycle?

Although I just googled cramps and it looks like cramps can start as early as a week after the ovulation – when pregnancy occured. They actually mean that your uterus is starting to make room for the baby. Let it be the pregnancy cramps! Please!

Keeping my fingers crossed for my pregnancy test the day after tomorrow…

Early Signs? No?

25 Apr

I heard so many times that sore nipples and breasts are an early pregnancy sign. But my nipples have been sore ever since I ovulated – approximately. They became… untouchable. Ouch. What’s going on?

Cervix Life, Day-by-Day

24 Apr

Sorry – it’s me again. Just discovered this absolutely fascinating (although a bit gross) website: a girl tool photos of her cervix every day of the cycle, as part of her midwifery project. Enlightening!

It’s Cycle Day (?) – What’s Happening Inside Me?

24 Apr

I typed: “cycle day 25” into google and found this awesome website, that describes each and every day of your cycle: click here

Now I know what (hopefully) has happened today, in my cycle day 25.

Can’t wait for Wednesday, to have the real test!

Power of Imagination or Long-dreamed Reality?

24 Apr

My pregnancy test is scheduled on Wednesday. I do have a home pregnancy test in by bathroom cupboard, right under the sink, but somehow I am hesitant to use it. I’d rather wait until Wednesday. Until the results are bullet-proof.

But over the last couple of days I noticed, whenever I lay on my belly, a feeling as if there is a small balloon somewhere where my womb is located.

I also took a great liking of fish. Usually I am not big on fish. I order it every once in a while. I cook and eat it now and then. Over the past few days fish was my food of choice, daily. Not quite a crazy craving, no. But still – I find this wonderfully strange.

This might well be just figment of my imagination, having read what to expect, what the signs of early pregnancy are.

But then… maybe the dream came true and there is a little baby taking roots inside me? I feel hopeful and wondering.