Fertilically Correct

5 May

You know, when I was little, I was taught to be polite and not to point and certainly not to say “you’re fat!” or ask “where is your leg?”

These days, the world is learning to be politically correct. You treat everyone as equals and don’t comment on any ‘differences’. At times, these new rules of conduct are a bit over the top (I mean, how exactly are you supposed to identify a wanted criminal if his skin colour is top-secret?), but overall – great initiative.

We don’t single out all those different, don’t point, don’t ask questions. We try and make everyone comfortable. Accepted.

So how come that childless women – childless families – were overlooked when this politically correct scheme was designed? Why is it okay to ask someone “why don’t you still have children?” How is this different from asking “why don’t you have a leg?” or “are you gay?” Why no one thought of explaining to people that infertility is a sort of disability, and a vulnerable one at that?

I think this should be explained to children in school. I think there needs to be a social campaign. I think people need to be made aware of how painful this (seemingly) innocent question is to some of us.

I think the world needs to get fertilically correct.


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