How Much for a Baby?

6 May

There are those people that get pregnant on their own. The only expense they incur – is a pregnancy test. If it takes about 6 months for a healthy couple to get pregnant, and one test is about $15, then it’s safe to assume that it costs them about $90 to get pregnant (or, to be precise, to discover that they are pregnant).

Then you start using ovulation tests. These could cost about $50 a cycle. Plus pregnancy tests. $390 in total over another 6 months.

Then you go to fertility clinic. Now, my numbers are Canadian – we do have a pretty good medical coverage here. So far, the expenses we incurred were:

  • Initial exams for both of us – consultation with the doctor, blood tests for a whole number of things, ultrasounds of breasts, thyroid, whole abdomen and intravaginal ultrasound, sperm test – all free, brought to you by the provincial insurance
  • Once the diagnose is there, the clinic collects a one-time fee of $200 for an indefinite number of cycle monitorings (blood tests and ultrasounds and quick chats with doctors day after day after day). I have a friend who instead paid $35 for each cycle, and in her case she paid way more than that in the end.
  • Provera drug to trigger menses – about $20 (once you are ovulating, you won’t need provera anymore). 80% covered by work insurance.
  • Femara drug to trigger eggs growth – about $20 each cycle. 80% covered by work insurance.
  • Hormonal shot to trigger ovulation – $90 each cycle. Don’t know yet whether work insurance covers that.
  • And Pregvit vitamins – about $30 a month, 80% covered by insurance

So far, that’s it – $130 per month. I am not buying home pregnancy tests. The ones at fertility clinic are free. And more reliable.

There was no need in a progesterone shot post the ovulation or any other drugs (knock on wood). Not too bad.

IUIs, from what I heard, can run in $1000 per month ranges.

IVFs, from what I heard, can be up to $20,000 per try.

Adoption (now, this is really hearsay, I don’t know anyone personally who adopted) can be up to $50,000. Don’t ask me why on earth is it so expensive – they say that international agencies take tons of money to ensure that your baby was not bought on a slave market or something. I really hope this isn’t true. With so many lonely kids in the world, adoption should be free!!!


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