Сreative Immersion

11 May

I started an art book. What is an art book? It’s a notepad where you paint, draw and glue in puctures, words, texts, thoughts, etc. The result looks kind of like this (but I saw some much, MUCH better):

Copyright Hannap

I read a lot about them, appreciating the beauty and creativity of it, but I kept wondering: what, exactly, is their purpose?

I kept on reading and I figured the following:

  • It’s a convenient way to collect and save ideas. Patterns from magazines, creative thoughts, examples of interesting fonts… whatever catches your eye
  • It makes you exercise your layout and composition skills. On each page, you make decisions on the background, choice of elements, their layout, etc.
  • Third, and most important one (I discovered this one only once I opened a notepad and started working on one): it evolves your creativity. It makes you think, it makes you generate ideas, it sends you searching for associations and thought fragments

The idea is to have a few art books going on at once, each one dedicated to a certain theme. It’s best to pick an abstract theme. A theme like “clouds” or “human figures” would quickly become a catalogue of pictures. It makes you collect things, and work on their layout, but not create.

If you choose something like “happiness” or “freedom” or whatever else interests you – then your spreads will be creative ones. Each one with an idea to it, a creative idea, a thought behind the pictures. And a book, in its whole, will become an exploration into a certain topic.

I am absolutely ecstatic. I arranged my desk yesterday, all the paints, brushes, scissors. I collected all the old magazines from all 3 floors of our house. I started cutting out pieces, writing down ideas, preparing backgrounds for the spreads. And I started working on my first art book.

Its theme? Pregnancy, of course. I have so much to “say” on the topic, I feel I won’t have any problem filling the pages out.

I feel creative. My brain is bursting with ideas that my hands aren’t quick enough to even jot down, forget about fulfill. I feel happy.

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