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14 May

Beware: I am sharing some musings on sexual intercourse here…

CD14. After yesterday’s trigger shot, today-tomorrow is the ovulation time to be spent copulating. Let’s copulate to populate, haha…

I never noticed before (perhaps because I rarely ovulated before) that sexual desire goes sky-high around the ovulation time. And orgasms come faster and more intense.

I also wonder: I was told that I have a retroverted uterus. In plane language, that means: tipped towards my spine, as opposed to normal tipped-forward towards the bladder position. Anyhow, the question is: does gravity help me more because of this? Will lying on my back for 20 minutes after the intercourse increase my chances?

I always worry about staying in bed for too long after the intercourse. Last year, I had 3 cases of UTI (urinary tract infection). Apparently, those are nicknamed “the honeymooners’ disease” because they often come from having too much sex and too little and infrequent peeing. So now I tend to try and visit the bathroom right before and right after, just as the doctor prescribed.

So you see, I wonder a lot. The good thing is that I don’t worry a lot. For whatever reason, this cycle I am in a relaxed “whatever” state of mind. Last cycle, the idea of 2ww was killing me. This cycle? Whatever…


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