Progesterone OD?

18 May

So the progesterone “pussy pills” turned out to be not too bad. Not quite as messy as I was told. Yeah, partially it’s my anatomy (even AF stays mostly in until I go and use the facilities), but seriously, not that much of a mess.

But it is good I don’t work now so I can “swallow” (LOL) a pill and then just wait for 20-30 minutes for it to get absorbed, while reading a book in bed or something.

By the way, I wonder about the progesterone dose: my pills are 200 mg progesterone and I take 1 in the morning and 2 in the evening. My IF friends are telling me theirs were 100 mg (and much less expensive, as the result). I am wondering if I might have got the wrong dosage? Is it possible to OD on progesterone?

Started eating oat bran. Not too bad, but yucky nevertheless. I’ll have to find that magic way to cook it to make it more palatable.

Keep swallowing my PregVit twice a day. The folic acid vitamin.

Avoiding alcohol and pills, but had to take an ibuprofen a couple of days ago. It was either take it or”off with their heads”. My head, that is.

The weather is still gloomy and rainy. It’s been like this for about 6 days straight now. I feel sleepy and tired. But then maybe the progesterone makes me sleepy and tired.

Made cabbage rolls yesterday. Used up a whole cabbage head – yikes! So many cabbage rolls, I had to freeze most of them for lunch boxes for my hubby. But they are yummy!

In short, all is well and normal. Despite the leaking pussy pills, bruised veins, exhausting twice-a-day vitamin swallowing and just overall grumpiness.


2 Responses to “Progesterone OD?”

  1. Lindi Kriel May 19, 2011 at 3:15 AM #

    Some people do use more progestorone than others so I don’t think it is something to be overly worried about. Glad that they are better than what you expected.

    • zygotta May 19, 2011 at 9:11 AM #

      Yes, that’s what I am hearing – they’re like vitamin C, so you cannot OD…

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