Bloated or Bump?

19 Jun

I have no idea which one it is, but the last couple of days I look very pregnant. I mean, people do get bloated, especially pregnant people, but surely that doesn’t last for 2 days straight?

And, you know, I am not constipated or anything… But my belly is inexplicable. Right when the in-laws were here. And we didn’t want to say anything for it’s too early (I am 7 weeks today). And my MIL kept looking at my belly. And no matter how hard I tried to suck it in, I just couldn’t. I look very pregnant indeed. Is this normal – at 7 weeks? Or am I constipated without even knowing it? I tried to poo or at least pass some gas every time I visited the bathroom, but the belly stayed right where it was.

I felt a bit bad for not saying anything to in-laws.

And now I am thinking I should go buy a couple of those long, roomy cardigans to wear in the office (thank god it’s cold enough there to warrant my wearing them) – to conceal the bump. If it is, indeed, the bump…

Only last week I took a 6w0d picture – there was NOTHING. If I took a picture now, you’d say – woah! No way this happened all in one week.

We’ll see, I guess… Maybe tomorrow morning I will poop a 2-feet-long thing, like one of my blogging friends mentioned earlier… Surely that demands lots of space?..


2 Responses to “Bloated or Bump?”

  1. China Doll June 19, 2011 at 11:05 PM #

    I’m 9 weeks and know that my huge belly is not actually baby (it disappears when I lie down!), but it certainly looks like it when I’m stood up. I’ve decided it’s a combination of bloating from the IVF, plus a bit of added weight on my belly from lack of exercise during the treatment, plus I’m pretty sure my hips expanded within 3 days of getting that BFP.. all resulting in hardly any of my pants fitting! But I’m still too cautious to buy maternity clothes – I’ll be going for the Bella band that was mentioned to you (if I can find them in China). xx

    • zygotta June 20, 2011 at 6:37 PM #

      Well, mine gets smaller/flatter when I lie down, but doesn’t disappear.

      I have always had hips, but was (almost) always a proud owner of fairly flat belly… So am not sure what to make of it!

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