Time is Relative

4 Jul

“Only 3 more weeks until I am off progesterone” – that’s what I said yesterday and, all of a sudden, realized that my time perspective is changing.

Only recently, I was living from one cycle day to another. Only recently, the two-week-wait was unbearably long. Only recently, the 2 weeks from one ultrasound to another felt like an eternity.

And, all of a sudden, at 9 weeks I am starting to feel a bit more sure. A bit less worried about the upcoming u/s next week on Wednesday (1.5 weeks away!!!). A bit less impatient for the second trimester to start, to be off progesterone – and to reveal the secret of our pregnancy to the world. Now it’s “only” 3 weeks away. I can wait.

I started thinking of the nursery. I got a looking-after-a-newborn book from my friend. I am imagining our life with the baby, feeling a bit sad it will be the coldest month of the year – February.

I am still scared that something still might get wrong. But it feels now more like “anything can go wrong anytime” – like a brick can fall on my head and kill me, I can’t protect myself against that. I don’t feel a heightened risk of the early weeks anymore. Perhaps, wrongfully so – but that’s how I feel. And I think I am thankful for feeling such inner peace.

Oh, and the bloat was almost absent over these past 2-3 days. Maybe, for good? I sure hope so 🙂 Anyway… 3 more weeks until we move into the next stage 🙂


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