Ultrasound #3

13 Jul

Today we had our 3rd ultrasound – and said good-bye to our fertility clinic.

The baby was sooooo active today! She (the u/s tech) was showing it to me on the screen and it all of a sudden flipped! She said he sneezed, LOL – she actually saw how his fingers fanned 🙂 He moved a lot, wiggled all the time. So cute. I saw the spine core, the heart (beating at 160) – and she said it looks like it’s a boy! Of course, it’s still very early, but she showed us something between his legs that looked like the turtle tale 🙂 Well, it looked like it to her = we didn’t really see what she saw 🙂

I still haven’t heard the heartbeat. Their u/s machines’ sound isn’t working.

The baby measured at 10w (3 cm 6 mm) – while I am 10w3d, so I am a bit concerned.

Major disappointment: I thought I will be off progesterone in 1.5 weeks, but no. First of all, it’s until 12 weeks according to baby measures – and since the baby measures at 10 weeks and not 10w3d, I am still to take 3 pills a day for 14 more days. THEN for ANOTHER week – 2 pills a day. And THEN FOR ANOTHER WEEK  – 1 pill a day. Jeez. 4 more weeks of this! And it means I will still be shoving those up my ass when we’re camping in 3 weeks :/

I have my first Ob/Gyn appointment on Aug. 15.

They also are setting an appointment for the nuchal u/s in week 12 – to check for down syndrome. But that will be in a hospital. We’re done with the clinic. They wished me luck and asked to bring and show them the baby once it’s born 🙂

I don’t have ANY idea what to expect from the ob-gyn appointment and what happens after than 0 how often will we be seeing the doc, how often will there be tests, ultrasounds, etc.

And I probably should start looking into prenatal courses, labour plans, car seats, strollers… A whole world I know nothing of. While all I want to do is sleep…


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