11 Weeks

17 Jul

I waited for sooo long to reach double-digits (10 weeks) – and now it seems that time simply flew from 10 to 11 weeks. When did this happen?

11 weeks. Almost done with trimester #1. There are different  ways to count – my book says trimester #1 is 14 weeks, and each of the following trimesters is 13 weeks. 40 in total.

But then everyone says announce to the world once you’re 12 weeks. Or once you’ve head you nuchal u/s (which should be done  between weeks 11 and 13 anyway).

I can’t believe we’re almost there – where we can announce the big news. Bask in other people’s happiness for us.

The reality of a baby is sinking in. “Will your insurance cover our baby, as well as me?” – I asked my hubby. I am on contract, so don’t have insurance coverage at work, but I am covered through him.

“Should we subscribe to some parenting magazines? When? Which ones?”

“When should we start looking into prenatal classes and how?”

“We need to start making a list of what’s needed for the baby (stroller, crib, car seat) and start looking into tips on how to choose.” And canvass our friends for hand-me-downs – which we can’t do now for most of our friends are unaware we’re expecting.

“That wall we want to build to separate the downstairs room from entry hall – we better build it now, before the baby arrives… as well as paint the walls as we’ve been meaning to”

The to-do mount is growing. I am grateful I am finally starting to feel more energetic and less prone to spend all my free time on a couch with a book. I will start looking into all of these things soon. Why me? Because I work only 3 days a week. I have the time!


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