Pregnant Art – Symptoms of (In)Fertility

23 Jul

Alright, enough of these discussions whether people had the right to judge my blog or not. Let’s move on! I am happy many of you became my virtual friends, and let’s let all the others be.

Today, I wanna share another spread from my pregnancy artbook. This one I painted while still going through the fertility clinic treatments, pondering all the pains women go through – whether fertile or not.

As always, the image is clickable to see more (and read… some texts get too small to be read when image is compressed to fit the blog size)

On the left, it says: Pregnancy is not a disease, but it has symptoms. Infertility is a disease and it has symptoms, too. It’s ugly.

On the right, the female figures are marked with symptoms they’re experiencing, starting from top left, going clockwise: Widening hips, Swollen feet, Elephant feet, Growing breasts, Excessive hair, Belly kicks and hiccups, Nausea and vomiting, (moving to centre) Back pains, Mood swings, Crazy cravings, Feet up.

Oh, how I dreamed to experience the right-side symptoms! Today, I would’ve added bloating and round ligament pains. But I didn’t know about these symptoms back in May…


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