Nuchal… telling at work… progesterone… general worries…

27 Jul

Why, why can’t I just relaxed? The whole ride home in the streetcar, I felt all wet between my legs and was freaking out that I am miscarrying. Not only wasn’t there any blood upon arrival home – my underwear wasn’t even wet!

My nuchal u/s is tomorrow. I pray to god there won’t be delays! Last time I had to drink for my u/s a few years back, I almost peed my pants – and there even wasn’t any line! But, of course, what I really pray for – is healthy baby. And I still don’t know whether I will find out the results on the spot or not. I posted a question on the baby centre yesterday (the Canadian one) and it seems like it was different for everyone. In some cases the results went back to ob-gyn – and they had to find out the results there. Since I am in-between fertility clinic and ob-gyn (whom I haven’t met yet) – I am not even sure where would the results go!

I am 12 and a half weeks. I was sitting in meetings today – my big boss from the head office was visiting. I really like him, he has a big vision and he’s really making things happen – and he gets involved. And I felt real bad every time he was passionately talking how “we” will do this and that next year… Once I have my nuchal results, I’ll have to tell at work. It sucks, I feel like such a traitor – they just hired me 2 months ago!

And I am just so ridiculously scared of sharing the pregnancy news with everyone. I feel like sharing it will jinx my pregnancy. Stupid, I know – nevertheless, that worries me…

On a somewhat positive note, today is the last day I am taking 3 progesterone suppositories a day. For the next week my dose goes down to 2 suppositories a day (or 400 ml or mg… not sure). The following week it will be one a day, and then – c’est tout (fr.) I’ll  keep the two evening ones and discontinue the morning pill. I am tired of being worried during my commute that I might urgently need to use a bathroom.

3 Responses to “Nuchal… telling at work… progesterone… general worries…”

  1. BleedingTulip July 28, 2011 at 4:08 AM #

    I’m sorry you’re feeling so stressed about work. More then likely it will go better then you expect, ivthink the best thing you can do is come up with your plan how and when to tell them and then try not to observing it (easier said than done, I know!) congratulations on the progesterone! That must be such a relief 🙂

    • BleedingTulip July 28, 2011 at 4:10 AM #

      Also, what is a nuchal ultrasound?

      • zygotta July 28, 2011 at 9:09 PM #

        that’s a test they do between weeks 11 and 13 to check for down syndrome. They measure a neck fold, and then correlate that with blood test results and somehow come up with a probability number of it having the syndrome.
        If the probability is high, than you might wanna do the scary needle test (which can actually sometimes result in miscarriage)

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