13 weeks and Moving Along

2 Aug

I subscribe to newsletters from a couple of websites – and it’s amazing how helpful they are.

For example, over this past weekend I started feeling a tiny cold pinprick in the centre of my right nipple, feeling like it’s wet – and cooled by wind (although it’s hidden in a snug bra with no air – and even if I were naked, I would be hard pressed to find any cold air in this heat wave!). One morning I woke up and there was cottage cheese like substance.

I also started seeing an increase in discharge – and change in its texture.

And then I got home from our camping weekend, and received the newsletter which mentioned that I am now likely to start producing the pre-milk substance (I forget it’s proper name) – the stuff that I will be feeding my baby with right after birth, before the real milk shows up.

This same newsletter also mentioned that I shouldn’t freak out if I see changes in my discharge.

Isn’t that amazing? I barely had the time to notice these changes – and here they are, explained!

Today there was a link about giving birth. I read through it – mostly, I knew everything (maybe not laid out in stages and phases), but then I read these words and they took my breath away. All of a sudden, I had such a strong visualization of this moment!

If there are no complications, baby’ll be lifted onto your bare belly so you can touch, kiss, and simply marvel at him. The skin-to-skin contact will keep your baby nice and toasty, and he’ll be covered with a warm blanket — and perhaps given his first hat — to prevent heat loss

For some reason, the first hat really did it for me. Make it feel very real.

For myself, I am saving the link to this whole article: http://www.babycenter.com/stages-of-labor?page=1


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