6 Aug

While I started focusing on ‘how to choose’ questions (stroller, carseat, etc.), people reminded me I also need to read. About breastfeeding, about birth, about, well, just plain raising the kid.

All of a sudden, I am feeling overwhelmed. There just SO much I need to learn. And if things like how to bathe or change a baby someone can show me (my sister is coming for a month to stay with me to help me with everything), I still need basic understanding of troublesome signs of ailments, the shots, the feeding…

Like, I remember someone telling me you have to start rubbing your nipples with a rough towel a few months prior to birth – to prepare them for breastfeeding. Apparently, your nipples can all crack up to a point your baby will be giving you a blooded smile while breastfeeding *shudder*.

Or someone else insisted you should rub your vagina and perineal with wheat germ oil – to avoid ripping. And to rub belly – to prevent stretchmarks.

There’s just so much stuff you hear, and it’s all confusing, and you want what’s right for baby and you, and it’s all coming at you at once, and it’s all so confusing and overwhelming… And no one on this continent I can truly talk to about this.

And my husband doesn’t quite get it. He shrugs his shoulders and says: well, women did this for centuries without any books.

Argh. Panicking.


4 Responses to “Self-Education”

  1. Babylicious August 6, 2011 at 3:46 PM #

    I’m a big reader. I read books, blogs, magazines, message boards etc etc etc. A lot of it is junk–or old wives tales. And it is overwhelming.

    My advice is this–if it sounds silly to you–ignore it. Do you have a message board that you frequent that has a due date month group? If not–find one! These ladies are my go to experts–you’ll get a variety of responses and experiences.

    As far as babycare learning–remember that the nurses in the hospital can be amazing resources! They’ll show/explain anything and everything to you…remember, they have to send some pretty stupid people home with they know how to prepare anyone. And–my hospital gave me an amazing baby 101 guide.

    Don’t stress–try to enjoy it!! You’ll be amazed by your instincts…I certainly was!

    • zygotta August 6, 2011 at 4:31 PM #

      thank you for the encouragement, I needed it 🙂

      I do subscribe to a message board, but with my EDD being early Feb., I feel like I am ahead of most people there. Although, now that I think of it, there is plenty of women with their second and third children. Ao they should know.

      But all those boards talk about is pregnancy this week – they don’t seem to prepare me for what’s to come after…

      • Babylicious August 7, 2011 at 9:01 AM #

        I understand…I was due the 6th so being early in the month was a little different. I’d suggest looking at another board…you’re early enough to still “shop around”. My board was always pretty busy with people talking about what’s to come or been-there-done-that stuff. But–it also was part of my F.ertilty Fr.iend membership. I know that some of my ladies were a part of an IVillage due date board. It may seems silly to look around but honestly, now that LM is here–these ladies are my sanity a lot of the time. They give me support, advice and just in general know the answers to things I ask. Also–even though I didn’t start my blog until after LM was born…you an always email/message me with any questions that come up–if I don’t know the answer, I’ll ask my group 🙂 I’ve been thinking about developing a FAQ Post-baby page anyway…it might help me!

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