14 Weeks

7 Aug

14 weeks are here. Amazing.

Yesterday I spent some time bagging lots of my clothes away. I can’t fit in almost any pants and jeans (I can sort of close them, but only while I stand, no sitting allowed).

None of the button-down shirts fit – neither in boobs, nor in belly region. I am glad we don’t have dress code at work.

Lots of t-shirts were packed, too – too tight, too short, too booby (now that boobs threaten overflowing out of anywhere).

I wonder, when will I be able to fit in those again?

My hubby was even a bit taken aback by the summer dress I put on yesterday. He felt my boobs are too big to be put on display like that. Trust me, they weren’t on display. They’re just big. Read: noticeable. I can’t help that. And it’s hot out there. So – whatever.

I haven’t mastered the will power to put away shoes. Although I haven’t worn most of my summer shoes this year – too uncomfortable (narrow high-heeled blisteriziers, the majority of them) – I still keep them close. I actually wore one pair to tango yesterday – their soles are leather, and that’s much better for ballroom dancing on those hardwood floors. Tango was awesome. I am keeping the shoes for a little while more. Summer will be over soon enough anyway.

And then it will be fall, and we will find out the gender. In 6 weeks.

And then it will be winter. And we will greet our baby into this world – in 26 weeks or so.

And then… well, then the big journey will commence!

PS I almost forgot: I am officially into trimester #2 now! Whichever way you count, whether the first trimester is 12 or 14 weeks long – I am there now! Yaaaay!


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