Yoga for Pregnant

20 Aug

My very pregnant friend (due in 2 weeks) visited me this week and brought a prenatal DVD with her – she can’t practice it any longer and passed it on to me. As some of you who follow me know, I’ve been meaning to join a prenatal yoga class for a while now, but something (read: my laziness) always stopped me). So I was really thrilled!

Yesterday I tried the DVD.

There are 3 women there: one (very thin) for those in their first trimester; one for those in their second trimester (she uses a yoga block for some poses); one (she’s HUGE) for those in the third trimester (she seats on a chair a lot).

Overall, there is a lot of chair support going on – and I was surprised to find out I really needed it! There were some stretches that I almost couldn’t do at all!

All in all, I really liked it. It was slow, and definitely for someone pregnant. Although I didn’t practice yoga for quite a while now, I managed to do the whole 50-minute thing.

The relaxation part at the end was the best (just lying on the floor and breathing ;))

Yay to prenatal yoga!


2 Responses to “Yoga for Pregnant”

  1. Foxy August 23, 2011 at 3:37 PM #

    Oh my golly do I LOVe my prenatal yoga class! The exercise and stretching has done wonders to keep my aches and pains under control, and I especially notice my hips ache when I miss a class. There is also something really special about being in a room full of pregnant ladies. I don’t always feel like i belong, (if that makes any sense) but i love it nonetheless, in a somewhat reassuring way. If you can motivate to sign up for one, I’d highly recommend it!

    • zygotta August 23, 2011 at 7:07 PM #

      I am trying to find motivation and sign up for one… but I am so-so lazy – dressing, undressing, going somewhere *sigh*

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