4 Months

1 Sep

Four months today.

Four months since my last AF visit.

Almost half-way there.

My anatomy u/s is scheduled 2 weeks from now – right in the middle of my pregnancy.

It is so odd that I am that far along already.

Depending on what I wear, sometimes the tummy is still not all that noticeable. I was at a bday party wearing a dress – people didn’t notice (until my hubby started asking someone questions about babies – that’s when everyone got wondering why all these questions all of a sudden).

But tummy is definitely there. And it started to get hard. In the beginning, it was soft – like fat. Well, probably it actually was just that – fat. Now it’s getting firm. Well, with my womb being bigger than a cantaloupe – no wonder!

My facial hair is almost gone. I used to have a bit of a dark mustache going on above the corners of my upper lip. It’s all became light in colour and almost gone altogether. No more high testosterone so typical for those suffering from PCOS 🙂

I started getting the preggo constipation. Ouch. I guess I should really now focus on my liquid intake and force it down my throat.

Did some reading on post-labour stuff. Yikes. Not only lemon-sized blood clots are likely, but my body will be trying to get rid of so much fluids that I will be sweating like crazy (some say they needed a plastic liner to protect their mattress). My bladder might be numb for a few days after labour – and with it filling up quickly with all this liquid expulsion going on… well, accidents might happen. Like back to being a 3-year-old who didn’t make it to the loo.

And apparently I will be crying a lot. over everything.

Fun times 🙂

Aaaaanyway… 4 months. Time is flying!


2 Responses to “4 Months”

  1. Artistmouse September 2, 2011 at 6:44 AM #

    Grow baby, grow! 🙂

    • zygotta September 2, 2011 at 9:11 AM #

      such an amazing feeling 🙂

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