18 weeks. Strollers. Baby stuff

4 Sep

Time has definitely started to fly. 18 weeks already! And I am starting to feel the pressure: time to start if not buying, then at least choosing baby stuff.

We went to a store in the north of Toronto (dear born baby) that was recommended to me as the one featuring a wide choice of strollers. The store was very, VERY cramped. Half of the strollers were on the upper shelf (how on earth is a pregnant woman supposed to get them from there???). The sales people would help for a minute or two and then lose interest and excuse themselves to never come back.

I have never felt so stupid. I would pull out a stroller, trying to figure out how to recline the seat, how to remove the car seat, how to extend the handle, how to fold a stroller. If you have never done this – it is not easy to figure out! After fighting with one stroller, I asked a sales person for help. She seemed very confused by my question: she said: is there something wrong with the stroller? – and reclined the seat. It seems she couldn’t even imagine someone wouldn’t know how to recline it.

There were way too many people for a very cramped space. I do not recommend that store.

We left in very low spirits. On our way home we stopped at our friend’s house and got a play pen, a swing, a nursing pillow, and a safety gate. SoΒ  now we have even more baby stuff!

This improved our mood. Somewhat.

Then we went to Ikea to look at cribs. I don’t know what’s the deal here, bu all the stores have these MASSIVE cribs that seem to be designed to withhold a baby elephant. They are like armoirs, huge and shiny. I remember my own crib – white and simple and lightweight – and that’s what I have in mind for my baby. Ikea has just that! Simply white cribs. And -bonus! – they are really inexpensive. Something like 80 bucks. And the front wall is removable and the mattress levels is adjustable (2 positions). I would only go look for a mattress elsewhere. Theirs are too soft – that’s dangerous. Baby mattress should be really firm.

Today we went to toys’r’us. They also have lots of strollers, FAR more space to try every stroller, fold it, unfold it, try and walk it. We became pros today and figuring out all the secret mechanisms. We liked one stroller: Graco quattro tour deluxe. It’s big, sturdy, I can fold it (and unfold it) with one hand, it has a newborn carseat that goes with it, its seat is removable (for washing), it’s almost fully reclining, it has one handlebar (which makes it more maneuverable than two “umbrella handles”), you can reach into the basker under the seat even when the seat is fully reclined, wheels are large enough to go in the snow. And it has pretty patterns, which is also important, right?

We didn’t buy it (I decided to read online reviews and do price comparisons), but I feel much, MUCH better having chosen at least one candidate πŸ™‚ And online reviews are pretty good. The only downside is its weight (26 pounds) and width – hard to maneuver in tight spaces. But we live in the city, so I don’t see myself taking car trips all that often, and we have only one doorstep outside, so I won’t be lifting it all that much. I expect I will be strolling around the neighbourhood, going for walks, jumping into stores to buy eggs or milk, and going for walks in the park – we live on lake Ontario, there’s a nice park with marina there.

Finally, I got myself a maternity support belt. The sales person at toys’r’us didn’t even seem to know what I was talking about – but I found a couple there, neither of which I liked. Then I went to Thyme Maternity – and got a nice one, almost half the price of what I saw at TRU. As I right this, I have it wrapped around me. Somehow it makes the baby kicks feel much more pronounced πŸ™‚

I feel much better now. Carseat, stroller, and crib are the biggest purchases – and I at least have made some decisions πŸ™‚


3 Responses to “18 weeks. Strollers. Baby stuff”

  1. Babylicious September 4, 2011 at 8:56 PM #

    I’m glad you have a stroller candidate πŸ™‚ Picking my stroller was one of my favorite parts!

    • zygotta September 4, 2011 at 9:04 PM #

      which one did you pick?

  2. silvercross prams September 25, 2011 at 1:28 PM #

    try to visit our website for more choices of silvercross stroller at silvercross.ie

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