Super-Active Baby

6 Sep

While I’ve been feeling my baby move for a couple of weeks now, today things changed. On my way to work the baby was going craaaa-zy in there (with excitement and joy, I hope), giving me kick after kick after kick… Mmmm… morning calisthenics?

It lasted for about 30 minutes, and then kept happening throughout the day.

We got a feisty baby in there!!!

I almost posted a pregnancy status on fb today, but hesitated for a few seconds and… deleted it. I still don’t feel like sharing it with broader public. Perhaps I will on Monday – when I am supposed to find out the results of our down screening (ultrasound + blood). Perhaps I will next Wednesday when – if we’re lucky – we’ll find out the gender.

I don’t know. I am not ready yet.

But my baby’s excitement – especially after meals – is so endearing πŸ™‚

And this us – me and the baby inside me πŸ™‚ at 18w1d – taking a stroll along lake Ontario.


11 Responses to “Super-Active Baby”

  1. St. Elsewhere September 7, 2011 at 9:05 AM #

    I don’t see myself saying anything on FB till Season arrived.

    You look superb. And feeling the baby move is ethereal!

    • zygotta September 7, 2011 at 9:26 AM #

      which season are you referring to (or Season – not sure whether the capital S is necessary)?

      and thanks for the compliment πŸ™‚

      • St. Elsewhere September 8, 2011 at 8:33 AM #

        Zygotta, rather than calling my baby as Bean or Peanut, I have named him/her as Season. That’s what the baby is called on my blog!

        • zygotta September 8, 2011 at 6:18 PM #

          Ah! Got it πŸ™‚
          We also have a name for the baby (for now), but I won’t even try and spell it in English :)))

  2. St. Elsewhere September 7, 2011 at 9:05 AM #


  3. Mrs. E September 7, 2011 at 10:07 AM #

    I love the picture! It’s so great that your baby is so active–it’s like s/he is saying “hi, I’m here!” which, thanks to all the uncertainty of IF, I bet is very reassuring =)

    • zygotta September 7, 2011 at 10:17 AM #

      it is very reassuring… and it finally makes me talk to the baby – until now I felt weird doing that πŸ™‚

  4. Poor Lucky Me September 7, 2011 at 4:28 PM #

    I’m so happy for you! When you can feel baby move all around, it feel like you’re working as a team. You look cute as a button!

    • zygotta September 7, 2011 at 5:11 PM #

      thank you πŸ™‚
      it really does fell like a team
      I finally am starting to believe this is happening, there’s a baby in there – and it’s their own person! They wiggle whenever they want and stop wiggling as they please.

  5. embracingtherain September 7, 2011 at 9:08 PM #

    You look great. So glad you have the reassurance of their kicks.

    • zygotta September 7, 2011 at 10:24 PM #

      Thank you πŸ™‚

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