Streetcar Seat, Dull Pains, Restless Sleep

8 Sep

Another first! A nice guy gave up his seat for me today on the streetcar!

Granted, I was wearing a floaty top and my lunch was in a “thyme maternity” bag – so he probably didn’t doubt much that I am, in fact, pregnant and not just fat.

Still – it was so, sooooo nice to be acknowledged in this way 😉

I now know for sure: my baby LOVES riding the streetcar. I guess it likes the rattling vibrations of it. It always starts kicking in the streetcar. As it does after each meal. So funny.

I got some dull pains on each side of my uterus. Nothing too bad, but I’ll ask my ob-gyn on Monday what these are. While I was still going through the bi-weekly ultrasounds at the fertility clinic, they said that all of my cysts from PCOS were gone – but I wanna make sure they’re gone. And that it’s not them producing the dull pain. Because it sort of hurts where the ovaries are supposed to be. Although I have no idea, truly, where they are right now with my womb bigger than a cantaloup.

For some reason I am waking up really tired lately. My body hurts. My shoulders, my thighs, my hips… I guess sticking to sleeping on the side doesn’t go all that great. And my arm is falling asleep (whichever happens to be under me while I sleep o he side). Oh well. What can you do. 5 more months and I will sleep in whichever position I want. For, like, 40 minutes at a time, ha-ha.

These are the days of our pregnant lives 😉


2 Responses to “Streetcar Seat, Dull Pains, Restless Sleep”

  1. St. Elsewhere September 9, 2011 at 7:58 AM #

    So nice of that guy to give you his seat in the bus.

    That fatigue is just hormones. I had super-sleepydom reign over me when I was expecting CheekyBub. I used to feel lethargic in the morning, and got better as the day progressed.

    Random aches and pains are common in pregnancy, but still do ask your doc when you meet her.

    (When I wrote of skin tightening around my navel, I was not speaking of dry skin. I use a lot of almond oil and vitamin-e enriched cream…but the navel does get its own contours….)

    • zygotta September 9, 2011 at 4:47 PM #

      i was constantly sleepy in the first trimester
      now I am doing pretty great – most of the time, fatigue-wise

      (my navel still looks the same)

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