Gift Registry

9 Sep

I am due on Feb. 5th. So baby shower in January is too close. And in December everyone is busy with family and corporate Christmas parties (or holidays season, to be politically correct). And in the end of November we will be busy. Which means… my baby shower is only a couple of months away. What??? TWO MONTHS???

It means I need to get going, and get going soon. I need to provide my friends with the suggested guest list. Um. Some of the people I’d like to invite are still unaware that I am pregnant!

There goes the fb announcement – posted it today. Finally.

It also means I need to register for gifts. So I ran to the toysrus store today and there were so many people despite it being a weekday! All because they have their sales time, like 25-30% off many things. But I got a bag of all kinds of samples, a “nasal aspirator” – you know, that thing that sucks the mucus out of a baby’s nose, a bottle, a pacifier… They gave it to me to make me feel better about the long wait. It worked, I do feel better 🙂 And I just love the amount of baby stuff that started to grow at our house!

Some of the things I added to the registry are final (like a diaper bag, bathtub, and a few other things) – the rest needs revisions. Hopefully I will find out on Wednesday whether we’re expecting a boy or a girl – and then will be able to alter some of the choices. I don’t want everything to be green and yellow!

Finally, and most importantly, I called my ob-gyn’s office on Wednesday to ensure they received the blood and ultrasound test results – in time for my ob-gyn appointment on Monday. The secretary called me back today, and left a voicemail: yes, they received the results  – and they’re negative! I am talking about the down-syndrome u/s-and-blood results. Yay! I wish I knew earlier they give away test results over the phone.

Knowing the test results, it was easier to finally “go out of the closet” and post the status update on fb.

Time is flying, pregnancy is so real now – with the baby kicking, the people talking and asking me about the baby, the planning of my sister’s visit in February, the shopping… And I am almost half way through the pregnancy. When did this happen? Next thing I know, I our baby will be 1 year old and it will be time for me to go back to work :)))


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