Maternity Fall Shopping

21 Sep

Went bra-shopping today. My-oh-my, I underestimated my growth! I used to be 34B or C – depending on the model and how revealing I wanted it to fit, so I was certain I am 34D now – not so! I was so squished-squashed in 34D! It was too tight around the torso, too – so I went for 36D which, as far as the cup size goes, equals 34DD – yikes! Considering they’re supposed to keep growing for the remaining 4+ months of the pregnancy and then get even bigger once the milk comes… I think I will be like a cow!!! They’re huge and heavy and all covered in blue veins, so bizarre. I decided to buy only one bra – winter is coming, so I am not likely to deal with see-through issues. It’s army-green with white polka-dot, so cute šŸ™‚

I also bought a fall jacket, knee-length. Nothing that I own will close over my belly – and fall isn’t even here yet. The one I bought has double row of buttons, so I will be able to move a butting or two if it gets too tight. It’s nothing fancy, a Suzy Shier coat – relatively cheap – but looks nice and, I hope, will last me until I need to switch over into my winter jacket.

I also finally found where they sell tight that help against varicose veins (which run in my family) – they’re 50 bucks a-pair!!! That is outrageous!!! I am going to do an online search now. I am sure something more affordable should be available there… Fifty bucks for tights…

And now I am home, tired and hungry, boiling perogies for lunch. Mmmmm šŸ˜‰


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