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Sugar Rush

31 Oct

Somebody, please hide the chocolate from me before I eat all of it, suffer from insomnia, racing heart, and then gain like a gazillion pounds!!!

My friend works at this bakery or whatever where they make this awesome candy stuff that is chocolate with caramelized sugar with nuts… or something like that. Literally, to die for. And she brought a huge box because we had a huge halloween party. Only guests were too full by the time it was desert time and almost all of it was left… for me!

I already am experiencing sugar rush. And it’s 11 pm – the worst time for sugar rush. I need professional help!!!

26 Weeks!

30 Oct

26 weeks – 14 to go!

The progress is accelerating with a mind-boggling speed.

My hubby yelled yesterday when the baby kicked him. He said he never felt it so real. That before he always needed my confirmation that what he felt was the baby – not me or my rumbling insides. But that was… a very good kick and he yelped in surprise – he actually scared me πŸ˜‰

Took another merengue class today – was fun! Even though I am starting to feel the changed centre of balance is affecting my ability to follow the steps πŸ˜‰

Went for a nice walk in the autumn forest today. Weather was beautiful – about 10 degrees and sunny. Just lovely. But a bit too hilly for my pregnant self. I got hot from the hour-long walk πŸ˜‰

Hosted an awesome halloween party! I made my own costume. I was a cupcake – that provided enough space for the big belly πŸ˜‰

I still don’t pee excessively. I don’t even necessarily wake up to pee during the night. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But I do wake up in the middle of the night because my hips hurts, and my knees, and my feet…

TMI: I am getting progressively more and more leaky. I hate panty-liners, but now I feel I cannot do without them. It’s weird – feels like I suffer from incontinence.

And I definitely am developing the horror of hemorrhoids ;( Oh well, I’ll take care of that after the baby arrives. it’s not too hard, right?

But all in all, I am doing great. Baby is kicking away busily, I am feeling great, feeling happy.

Double-Digits! Yepeeee!

29 Oct

99 days left! Not a 100, not 200, not 280 – only two digits – 99 days left!

Yes, I know – it just might end up being more than 99 days, I know. Still – the ticker says 99 days!


In fact, it’s kind of scary. 99 days doesn’t sound like much. And I still haven’t painted the nursery. In fact, I still haven’t even decided how to paint it – I wanna paint some stuff (animals, trees, cars… something) – and still haven’t decided what to do. I gotta get on with it before it becomes a chore too big for my pregnant self.

Linea Negra seems to be starting to appear.

Skin above my navel is darker, looks kinda weird. Not sure what’s up with it.

My legs, on the other hand, are feeling better – every time I have to spend much time standing or walking, I wear my compression maternity tights – they really do help! Legs don’t get all swollen, and veins don’t hurt, too!

My mom was asking me lots of questions today, like how to get a pediatrician (really, how? I need to find out). Or what’s the schedule for immunization shots (I’ll have to plan my month-long visit to my parents around those shots). Huh. Never thought of these things. But I better – only 99 days left!

Night-time Acrobatics

28 Oct

I am glad I’m such a tight sleeper. My baby is uber-active in the night time.

He moves a lot during the day, but never with such force as at night time.

When I go to bed in the evening and spend some time with a book, I can feel the night-time jumping begin.

I lay on my side, with my belly on the bed next to me, and I can feel my baby jumping with one foot and then the other one against the mattress (yeah, he already knows where up and down is). And let me tell you: he is STRONG! These are no flutters and cute kicks here and there. This are kicks.

Many women complain that babies wake them up – I guess I am blessed being a tight sleeper. I do not wake up from these acrobatics rehearsals. But I can see how this can keep someone from getting any sleep.

And the funny thing is – my colleague who’s 2 weeks behind me, excitedly told me she just felt, for the first time, a kick. Before then it was only an occasional flutter here and there. She’s almost 24 weeks! My baby has been bouncing around since 15 or 16 weeks!

I am holding on to the theory that babies active in-utero are nice, calm sleepers once they arrive. This gotta be true!!!


26 Oct

Had to cut off the buttons on my coat and sew onΒ  closer to the edge. That’s right, the coat that I bought about a month ago already doesn’t close on me (well, one of the buttons doesn’t… so I moved all of them). One of them ended up very crooked and not level, but I don’t care. I am not sure I am going to cut it off and sew it back on again…

My bump is pretty big now. I gained 9 kg (about 18 pounds), so I guess I will go over the “suggested” 25 pounds – although 25 sounds kind of unrealistic.

You know, I thought I didn’t gain much weight other than in my boobs and belly. But I guess everything now just looks pretty slim in comparison to these newly protruding body parts, making it look like no weight gain is happening in other body parts. I came across a corduroy skirt in my closet and decided to see if it might fit under my belly (as it used to be a bit big on me). Ha! I couldn’t even pull it over my hips!!! Well, I could – but just barely. And closing the zipper and the button was absolutely out of question. So I guess my thighs got bigger. Much bigger.

And I spoke to a friend of mine on skype today (whom I haven’t seen in a loooong time) and she told me my face rounded out.

Oh well. At least no one tells me I look like a whale. Apparently, that’s a common comment :/

I am secretly pleased that my belly is so big, though. I figure the more it sticks out – the less pressure on my organs πŸ˜‰

Heartburn…Little Heels…

25 Oct

I am tired. I so wanna sleep.

Not only do I have a cold, I also started suffering from heartburn the moment I go to bed. Which makes my throat even more scratchy. Which makes my eyes tear so bad it looks like I am crying.

So I have like 5 pillow now and I am falling asleep in a seated position. It’s a bit easier that way. But only a bit.

I am kind of scared of how it will be when the baby arrives. I am so tired just because I fall asleep around 1 am (and wake up at 7 am) – I still get 6 consecutive hours of sleep! Which soon will be a luxury – first with the increased bathroom breaks frequency, then with the baby feedings…

Oh well. No point in worrying about that now. I’ll worry about it if and when I get there.

For now – I started feeling baby’s limbs through the skin. Often if I press my fingers where my son just kicked, I can touch his little heel. He often would kick again in response πŸ˜‰

He’s getting bigger. His kicks are getting progressively closer to my liver and stomach. Soon his kicks will probably be very uncomfortable. For now – I enjoy it. He moves a lot. I can feel it, I can see it, it’s very cute.

And… heartburn-shmartburn… it’s all so worth it!

25 Weeks

23 Oct

Aaaaand another week has passed. Apparently, now the baby knows where up and down is; I can try and tickle his foot; he will turn his head if I turn on a bright light close to my belly.

As to tickling the feet – yesterday was the first time I actually felt his heels. Little, skinny, sharp heels. He kept kicking in the same spot and when I pressed – instead of a firm give I fond a little sharp object there – his foot! He kicked me in response. So much fun πŸ˜‰

I started getting heartburns at night. My hubby told me milk helps – and he was so nice that he actually went downstairs, warmed up a glass of milk and brought it back to me. And it did help! I guess I will start drinking milk in the evenings now…

I am still sick. Yeah, after thinking for a while that I am balancing on the verge of getting sick, I realized that I am sick – I just don’t have the running nose.

I told my hubby: I don’t have a fever, I don’t have a running nose, but I feel like shit! He told me that sounds like classical depression to him ;)))

Still no stretchmarks, but the skin around my belly button looks darker and weird.

We started taking merengue classes today and I am so glad I wore my new compression maternity tights! Yes, my feet got tired (because of the extra weight and the heels and all the marching) – but I don’t have the vein pains, which is great!

2 more weeks till trimester number 3. Time is flying!

From Cold to Halloween

21 Oct

Third day in a row of border-line-cold-balancing. Am I gonna get sick? Am I not?

My throat is all yucky. My head is heavy. I sneeze occasionally.

Weird – usually when I get a cold, it comes really fast after first symptoms. I get niagara falls of a running nose – I need to keep rolled pieces of toilet paper stuck in my nostrils for a day or two, that’s how bad it usually is.

This time I keep feeling under the weather, not getting really sick, but not getting better, either. Ahhhh. I’m tired and bored.

Spent the whole day today crafting Halloween decorations. Got some ideas online, inhabited my staircases with paper rat silhouettes, made a garland of jack-o-lanterns (painted and cut by me), attached webs and spiders around in the corners. We are hosting a party next weekend, so if I am stuck at home – I might as well use the time and start decorating early!

I am also making my own costume this year since there are no costumes for pregnant women and the idea of painting my belly (as a basketball ball, or a fish bowl, or whatever) just doesn’t sit right with me.

I am going to be a… cupcake! It’s big enough to allow for the belly πŸ˜‰ Saw the idea online, will make it myself, though. I’ll share a photo when I’m done (if I am happy with the results).

Oh, and we’re gonna have a family-oriented Halloween, first time ever! We already have 6 confirmed kids! This is gonna be interesting…

Baby Brain?

20 Oct

I am starting to get forgetful.

Missed my credit card payment.

Forgot to return the library book on time.

Agreed to go see a musical on a day when I already had dinner plans.


Baby brain already?…

No, Please, No

19 Oct

Scratchy throat. Slightly stuffy nose. Heavier head. More tired than usual.

Not the flu/cold, please! 😦