2 Dec

I woke up in the middle of the night from having some ridiculous nightmares that involved someone attempting to assassinate my ex – and someone succeeding setting my house on fire.

Since I already woke up, I decided that I might as well go visit the bathroom. That’s when I realized something’s off with the way my bump felt – it felt like the baby got tired of being head-down and turned sideways. Oh no!

a) I felt too stretched in an uncomfortable way and b) I heard that if they don’t take the head-down position by 32 weeks, they might not be able to turn later (not enough room to flip).

But sometimes during the morning he returned into the head-down position and went back to happily kicking my belly button and the upper part of my bump with his legs. In fact, a couple of times I thought I might get bruised. He’s getting strong!

On a less happy note, I think I am going down with a flu or cold. My throat hurts and feels swollen 😦


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