Prenatal Class #6 – Breastfeeding

6 Dec

We had the 6th, and final, prenatal class today – it was devoted to the topic of breastfeeding.

We went through all the benefits of breastfeeding (immune system, comfort, quicker weight loss…), watched some videos… Most of the class was not helpful – I already read all this.

What was helpful is her telling us why our mothers and older siblings had so much problem with breastfeeding: because back then babies were taken away for 4 hours right after birth and were brought back every 4 hours. Babies were often given formula and water – from bottles.And the way moms were instructed to breastfeed… they used to squeeze the nipple in what was a called a cigarette hold! I bet it hurt. I bet the baby couldn’t squeeze much milk. And – goodness! –  “cigarette hold” is just wrong on so many levels…

What was also helpful is her giving us a very good comparison: it might seem like baby is not getting enough nutrition those first few days when all you have is colostrum – but actually colostrum is very, very reach – like concentrated frozen juice. The concentrated frozen juice is so sweet that you simply can’t have too much of it – same with colostrum. So in the first day it’s okay if you get only 1 wet diaper (well, not you… the baby). Then there should be 2 on the second day, 3 on the third, and so on until day 7 – but pooping should be at least a daily occasion.

I do suspect this might have been the reason my mom and sis had ‘insufficient milk supply’ – their breasts simply weren’t stimulated for milk production because they were not let to breastfeed on demand.

Using real-sized baby dolls and experimenting with some breastfeeding positions was also helpful – before I only read about these positions, but having a “baby” in your hands is different, much more helpful.

Other than that it was okay at best. Oh, and the argument that breastfeeding is “cheap”? Puh-lease. Breast milk is NOT free – you have to eat much more to have enough calories to produce milk. We do pay for that extra food that turns into extra calories that turn into milk. Jussaying.


2 Responses to “Prenatal Class #6 – Breastfeeding”

  1. babiesandus December 7, 2011 at 10:55 AM #

    Very interesting!

    Never thought of it from that angle that we do pay for the food. Good way of looking at it!

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