Getting Ready to Become a Mom

13 Dec

A hectic post today.

I am preparing for the preggo-to-mom transition.

I signed up for moms’ meetup groups – one Toronto-wide and one local (neighbourhood). So far I saw lots of events, but all of them are for moms – happening in the middle of the day, on weekdays. But today I met tet-a-tet with an expectant mom (her EDD is 2 weeks past mine) – it was nice to meet in person someone pregnant and chat. The only other pregnant woman in my real (vs. virtual) life is my colleague with twins – but we aren’t too close.

The meetup went well, I think. I would like to meet again. I really want to find some company for my year-long matleave. And beyond, of course 🙂 So I am starting to build relationships.

I also started a running list of things to be bought (e.g. allergy-free detergent, nursing bra pads, etc.) and things to be done (e.g. pack the L&D bag, wash the clothes, etc).

Yesterday we re-arranged the furniture in the nursery. Can’t wait for the crib to arrive.

I am meeting my interior designer friend on Friday – we’ll look at some fabric samples for the nursery curtains. Hopefully, I will find something there.

Baby was doing some pretty painful stretching today. I am getting really puzzled over the idea of him spending 8 more weeks inside me. Feels like he’s already running out of space.

My plan to cut down carbs and sugars isn’t exactly working. What a girl supposed to do? It’s xmas season, the office is flooded with gift baskets full of chocolates… Grow baby grow…


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