Getting Closer to the “We Are Ready!”

23 Dec

Today was a tiresome day. Big grocery shopping – I am having friends over on the 25th. And big baby-related shopping. Hubby is freaking out that there are so many things to be done, so even though there is no real need to buy these things right now, I decided to provide him some relief.

5 hours later – I am home.

Grocery store was a ZOO. Insanity.

And then I went shopping for nursing pads, high-waist cotton panties, buttoned shirts, baby mittens, hypoallergenic laundry detergent, etc.

There are a few items we still need to buy – like a baby video monitor. They’re all ridiculously expensive in Canada (about 40% above the US prices!) and we cannot decide which one to buy. We bought one when we were in states – and we returned it the very next day. The batteries didn’t hold the charge – and all the reviewers online were complaining about the same thing.

I still need to decide which fabrics to order for the nursery curtains – which I will be sewing myself.

I need to do the big laundry and to pack the L&D bag. And then the remaining things will be small ones.


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