Getting Clumsy

24 Dec

I read about pregnant women getting pregnant brains, getting clumsy, etc. – but haven’t really experienced it. Occasional forgetfulness wasn’t much more than usual. Losing balance or brushing my bump against something happened rarely.

Until today.

First, I was making tea for my hubby and I. He had a bit of a poisoning yesterday, so I was taking care of him, making a good big cup of strong black tea – with sugar. I closed the sugar jar and proceeded to pour the water when something tugged at my sleeve and BAM! – the glass jar ended up on the floor. Huh. Ikea knows what they’re doing, the jar remained intact. Apparently, the edge of my sleeve got caught in the latch and I bushed it off the counter.

Deep breath, on to making breakfast. The water is boiling, I take the egg pack out of the fridge, take an egg in my hand – next moment the egg is on the floor, leaking every which way. I don’t even know how this happened. Can’t I even hold things in my hands any longer?

Deep breath, my hubby wiped the mess… 5 minutes of boiling later, I am taking the pot with the eggs to the sink to pour some cold water over them. I pour the water in the pot, pour it out – and end up pouring it on the partition between the two sinks. The water splashes all over and ends up on the floor. Does EVERYTHING have to end up on the floor today?! Again, my hubby wiped the mess.

Okay, time for breakfast. We are drinking our teas, eating eggs, discussing the book about baby sign language that we bought the other day – when I decide to change my pose and almost knock the whole table off. Tea spilled, I feel mortified. Perhaps I should be fed my my hubby, securely attached to a chair so that I don’t drop, spill, or break anything else?..


2 Responses to “Getting Clumsy”

  1. St. Elsewhere December 25, 2011 at 10:07 AM #

    Whoa, you really had a spill-a-thon today!

    Take Care!!! And glad that hubby took care of all the spilled stuff.


    • zygotta December 25, 2011 at 10:15 AM #

      Yeah, I was afraid to do stuff for some time afterwards. Like we needed to clean the house and I usually do the dusting – I was scared I’d knock something off (like we have a whole shelf of booze) – but it was okay. Thankfully 😉

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