Braxton Hicks? Dropping?

29 Dec

Less than 40 days to go! 38, in fact. Woah!

I wonder what does it feel when the baby drops? I tried googling this question, but all I could find was forum threads and blog posts. The know-it-all websites like baby center and such are all mysteriously quiet on the subject.

The reason I am wondering is that I have more pressure down below – partially at the front of my belly (especially keen when I stand up after having been seated for a while) and in the rectal area. I am waddling even more and feel much more discomfort in the hip area.

I cannot tell whether the belly looks any lower, though. It doesn’t seem so. But the pressure has definitely increased!

I am 34.5 weeks – so this feels a bit premature (we were told dropping happens 2-4 weeks prior to labour in first time mothers). However, I got a big baby… might he already be ready to get out??

I also think that I am, in fact getting the BH contractions. I thought I am not, but yesterday I placed a hand on my belly and thought: what on earth is THAT?! – so big the hard part of the baby seemed (his bum is much, much smaller). But then I started palpating the belly, trying to investigate what’s going on there and realized the whole uterus was rock-hard. Just as they described it in the prenatal classes. I simply didn’t feel any tightening or anything else of the sort.

Was this a BH contraction? I don’t know. Probably yes – why else would my whole belly go rock-hard? So my uterus has started its training for the Big Day.

That, plus the baby being head down for a while now… who knows when the kid might decide to arrive!

Hmmm. I should go look at myself in the mirror more thoroughly, trying to decide whether the dropping has occurred. Too bad I don’t take weekly belly pics – the last pic I have is 4 weeks old. Cannot credibly compare…

6 Responses to “Braxton Hicks? Dropping?”

  1. Nikki December 29, 2011 at 10:36 PM #

    I’m sure those were BH’s – that’s exactly what they are like. They may start to get more intense or painful over the coming weeks, but it’s all good practice.

    Dropping makes you feel significantly different. You’ll notice it right away – it’s much harder to walk because the baby is so low. You’ll really start waddling and it feels almost like the baby might fall out on its own. I also noticed because one day I looked down and I could see my feet – I knew the baby had dropped at that point. What you’re feeling now is probably your pelvic bones and muscles stretching and loosening to prepare for delivery – as they loosen, you will drop, but it may take a few weeks.

    Sounds like all is going well except for the insomnia – try to nap when/if you can. Every little bit of sleep helps.

    • zygotta December 29, 2011 at 10:44 PM #

      Thank you Nikki.
      I will have to learn to nap. I stopped napping when I was 2 years old and ever since then napping means going to bed much, MUCH later – and waking up even more tired the next morning.

      But with the baby on the way I need to re-learn this skill! I will have to learn to sleep whenever the baby sleeps 😉

  2. China Doll December 30, 2011 at 4:47 AM #

    How funny!… I could’ve written this exact post! Dr told me the baby has dropped a bit which makes sense because I have been feeling more pressure down below and aching in my pelvis 🙂 Plus I think I’m feeling my first BH contractions but still not sure …. Exciting, isn’t it?! xx

    • zygotta December 30, 2011 at 6:24 PM #

      It is exciting. And makes you wonder if the baby’s gonna arrive earlier than the EDD?

  3. St. Elsewhere December 30, 2011 at 9:49 AM #

    I definitely feel pressure on my lower belly, and into my pelvis….maybe the baby’s ahead is trying to engage.

    My mum figured out the BH for me…I still can’t point out for sure…and they are mostly painless so one would not know….

    The d-day is coming!

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