8 Months. 35 Weeks. Happy New Year. All Today!

1 Jan

Now here’s a coincidence – today is exactly 35 weeks, exactly 8 months (my last cycle started on May 1st) and – 2012 is here! 3 more weeks till full term. 2 more weeks till EDD.

New Year celebration was a bit tough on me. First of all, being a sober person among those drinking isn’t much fun. It’s not even entertaining as it once used to be when we were all younger. It’s kind of boring. And then I was too sleepy – that single insomnia episode this past week threw my biorhythms off: I actually started feeling sleepy around 6 pm! Anyway, I survived until 3 pm (and another 30 minutes it took us to get home).

I woke tired and full today (too much eating through the night ;))

This morning, the newsletters on baby development are telling me he isn’t gonna grow much longer (higher?) from this point on, but will keep on getting fat.

It also says that his hearing is very well developed now and he is especially attuned to high-pitch noises. That explains why he moves so much when he hears certain songs!

It also says that baby is so cramped he couldn’t move much. False. My baby moves just as much as he used to. Yesterday, as our friends (the hosts of the party) were giving us a tour of their HUGE new house, the baby kept stretching and poking one of his feet so far out the left side of my upper belly that I literally feared he was gonna poke a hole through the wall of his sac and my uterus and my belly. Still – I am grateful he’s not one of those kicking you in the ribs. Maybe simply because I am relatively tall (5.7).

I got a pretty bad case of swelling down there. I took a peak in a mirror and – woah! Wearing pants is uncomfortable. The mere thought of having sex is terrifying. Soap makes it burn. Dr. Google says it’s common in the late phases of pregnancy – the increased blood flow, the increased pressure of the baby… but it could be an infection, too. We shall see. But it’s oh-so-uncomfortable!

Anyway… happy 2012 – the year our baby will arrive!


2 Responses to “8 Months. 35 Weeks. Happy New Year. All Today!”

  1. adesolaf January 2, 2012 at 10:52 AM #

    Thanks for sharing the journey with us through your blog. Was a real pleasure to follow your progress.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012 and a year of peace, joy, happiness, long life and prosperity. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    • zygotta January 2, 2012 at 11:03 AM #

      Thank you – Happy New Year to you, too!

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