36 Weeks

8 Jan

36 weeks. This sounds like a LOT of weeks, I can hardly believe it’s been so long!

What does this wonderful time bring me?

Lower back pains when I sleep. I don’t know why – I am fairly okay throughout the day, but no amount of pillows can make me comfortable during the night. I actually wish I could sleep standing on all four – that seems to be the favourable position for the lower back. But as I cannot sleep like that, I always wake up with sore lower back. The belly is so heavy it pulls – I guess – some muscles there. And sticking pillows under the belly to fight the force of gravity doesn’t help much.

Contractions. They are still not painful and I still discover them mostly by accident – by touching my belly and feeling the hardness of the uterus. But sometimes I feel like I am having light menstrual cramps – and would check the uterus – and sure enough it would be hard. So my body is practicing, without causing me too much trouble (thank you, body).

Baby stretches. Baby moves almost non-stop these days. It feels like he’s a restless insomniac, trying to find a comfortable position, tossing and turning, tossing and turning. And then stretching – that’s when my baby starts moving like an accordion – a huge bump to the right, a smaller, sharper one to the left. Sometimes it hurts. And then the baby would get a fit of hiccups – and with his size it feels like there’s an earthquake going on – my whole body shakes. Poor thing, I wish I could comfort him…

Swollen and itching down below. Oy, this is really, really, REALLY uncomfortable. Common, apparently – and no relief other than giving birth. I switched to using the baby bath soap – you know, the hypoallergenic stuff. It seems to help. A bit.

For whatever reason, I think my breasts are softer, less firm. Not sure what’s that about. Still huge, with nipples getting darker by the hour, though.

On the bright side: I am still not a crazy pee-er. As I talk to people, I come to realize that I probably have a very roomy bladder. Before pregnancy, I could go for HOURS without having to pee. Like pee at home before work and then again – when I get home after work. After a full day of work. Now, of course this is not how it always happened – but every now and then it did. Yes, I don’t drink 2L of water a day – but still. SO while now I do pee more often – it’s still not maddening. I wake once during the night. Sometimes I don’t wake up at all. It’s a mystery to me – but I am glad this is how it is. Thinking of my friend who would wake up 15 times during the night… I’d rather sleep before the baby arrives, thank you very much!

Another positive? Still no stretchmarks – yay to heredity!

Hair is getting really thick – hardly need the strainer in the bath: there’s nothing to catch. A lose a few hairs a day.2-5 hairs a day, I would guess.

I think labour might be nearing – I feel more nesting. We recently did some renovations, essentially creating an extra closed-up room (which used to be an unused open-concept space) – and I happily spent the day yesterday cleaning it, packing the shelves with books (having the books sorted by topic), and making it overall comfy. I am into things like that nowadays.

The crib we ordered has arrived – we’ll need to pick it up at the store next week. I need to sew the curtains. And we need to buy and assemble a couple of ikea shelving units.

But I feel like we’re on track. The baby laundry is done, the L&D bag is packed, overall the nursery is ready (we do have the blinds even if I never get around to sewing the curtains), so we’re ready!


4 Responses to “36 Weeks”

  1. Sam January 9, 2012 at 6:04 AM #

    Super exciting! Not long to go now at all my dear. I was also not an excessive pregnancy pee-er – in fact I think I pee more now than I did whilst pregnant – but I do drink 3l of water a day now which explains that 😉


    • zygotta January 9, 2012 at 9:18 AM #

      3L!!! Wow!!!
      I am not sure I am even capable of drinking that much in a day!

  2. Laurie January 10, 2012 at 3:54 PM #

    Yay! Very close now! Before I got pregnant I peed ALL the time but somehow when I was pregnant I had a bladder of steel. I could could all day without going to the bathroom and I never woke up in the middle of the night to go. It was awesome 🙂

    • zygotta January 10, 2012 at 6:56 PM #

      Wow! I guess it’s all the hype that you get that makes you think that every woman pees a lot while preggo… Probably just like we think that everyone gets morning sickness, stretch marks and postpartum depression – but it’s really only about half of all women that get all these…

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