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Nursery Decor

25 Jan

Perhaps you remember me running around, frustrated, trying to find cute curtains for the nursery? I ended up buying fabric. And while I still didn’t get to actually sewing the curtains, I undertook another project: I painted the characters from the fabric on 5 pieces of canvas to decorate the room and create a theme.

Curtain fabric:

My desk:

And here are the pictures:



No Rush

25 Jan

Now that I know my baby isn’t too too big (head circumference is at 39 weeks while I am 38w4d) – and he’s into gaining fat, not growing skull – I relaxed. I think I should be able to deliver my baby naturally. I think all will be well and fine.

So now I am in no rush. I have 1.5 weeks until EDD (11 days to go!!!) – let him stay there until about then. Get strong and ready for this world.

I am slowly starting to process the fact that he’s going to be here really soon. Hopefully, I will get ready by the time he arrives 😉

So now I am relaxed and happy that all seems to be going as it should. Taking my time to do whatever I feel like. As in reading until 2 am and sleeping in 😉

38w2d Ultrasound

24 Jan

So I had the ultrasound done today. I was given the report to bring it to my OB (the lab is in the same building), so I read it.

Cervix: 5.4 cm! That’s long, not open. Which, according to Dr. Google, means very tightly shut. Very long.

Baby’s head measures at 39w and 40.5 w (there are to measurements, I didn’t quite get what each means). Yikes.  I am glad in these past weeks babies are more into gaining fat than growing heads…

His abdomen is only 35 weeks. No wonder I didn’t gain any weight over the pas weeks…

Everything seems to be in norm, though.

So now it’s a waiting game.

Putting my feet up and waiting. Nesting. Spent quite some today organizing under-the-sink cupboards in all bathrooms. This is a pretty cool shelving unit – very handy to stuff more under the sink, regardless of that huge pipe!

OB Appointment #9

23 Jan

Yet another OB appointment. Due to her secretary going on vacation, my next one is in two weeks. Which is a day after my EDD. So… Hopefully, today was my last pre-birth OB appointment. Now isn’t that a weird thing to imagine?..

Good thing – the baby has dropped big time. According to my OB, he’s really, really low now. But the cervix is closed and long. But she said that the baby being so low will hopefully thin it out and start opening it.

I spent the rest of the day shopping (household shopping), walking-walking-walking. Getting the baby to press on the cervix. My hubby also got the yoga ball out for me. Apparently, it relieves hip joint pain – and also helps the baby work on that cervix.

I didn’t notice any difference since last week. My belly is as big as it was, and the pelvic pressure is the same. So I was pleasantly surprised by the dropping news. I feel much better now. If they say babies drop 2-4 weeks before delivery, and I am 38w1d, then it feels like we’re on the right track.

And baby is posterior, too. Good boy (according to the latest newsletter, he’s the size of a watermelon now)  😉

38 Weeks

22 Jan

38 week. 14 days to go. And it all seems just so unbelievable. I just cannot imagine that in about 2 weeks there will be a baby in our house. Our baby.

It’s weird how the closer it gets, the more remote it feels.

2 weeks is such a short time. Well, unless you’re in a 2-week-wait, of course… Time is so relative.

It already feels like I went on matleave ages ago. But I worked on Tuesday. This past Tuesday.

I am starting to turn into a housewife. Cooked a big pot of soup, some chicken in paprika and even baked a cake.

And had some time to paint.

And do laundry.

And it’s only quarter after eight.


I guess I am ready to be busy with the baby.

Alright, I’ll go grab another piece of cake and pour myself some tea, put my feet up and enjoy these last days of quiet and nothing-to-do 😉

Early and Natural or On-Time/Late and C-Section?

21 Jan

I still cannot comment on blogspot. Correction: only on captcha-protected blogs. I have no idea what the problem is, but it just won’t let me publish, which is extremely frustrating. Things are happening – people are reaching their EDDs, people are re-looking their life attitudes and need supports, etc., etc. – and I cannot say a word to them. ARGH!

Hopefully this will go away soon.

As to me, I need to talk to my OB. If we find out that the baby is really, really big during my Tuesday ultrasound, what is best for the baby? Get me induced and get him delivered earlier (but vaginally) or let him be and deliver him whenever he’s ready – which probably will be through a c-section due to his size?

Well, perhaps I am getting worried too early – maybe the ultrasound will show that he’s not all that big. Maybe. But what if? What’s better for him? Safer?

Lots of Parcels

20 Jan

Yesterday the big package arrived – a bday present for my hubby. I got him a keyboard (piano) – he’s getting more and more into music and I am certain he’ll love it. The problem was figuring out a good spot to hide it. So we (my baby-in-the-belly and I) brought it to the top floor and hid it in a closet in the nursery. It was heavy, but not too heavy.

Today my photobook arrived. I spent quite a number of hours putting together pictures and texts – stories behind those pictures. 3.5 years, 220 pages, countless hours laying it all out, editing, proofreading… And it all arrived today – and I LOVE it! I am glad I finally did it. If not now, when?

Baby ear thermometer also arrived today – I ordered it from Costco. Every other retailer in Canada sells them at 80 bucks + taxes (which are 13% here); at Costco it was $60, shipping included. Now I have a thermometer 😉

I also bought some small canvases to paint pictures for the nursery. I intend to copy the animals from the curtains to create a “theme”.

My hubby assembled the crib yesterday evening. I attached the mobile to it today.

Things are getting more and more real, closer and closer…

And here are a few spreads from my photobook: