Nesting… Mom meetup group… Zen About Labour

1 Feb

Crazy nesting continues. Not only did I single-handedly (is this a real word? wordpress underlined it in red) assemble 3 (THREE) bookcases/wardrobes for the nursery and the closet in the nursery, assemble the baby bouncer, hang the pictures and sort and arrange all the baby stuff in all the new storage – I washed the blinds today, the windows (in the nursery) and got my hubby to mount the videocam (for baby monitor). I keep going round, wiping, cleaning, sorting, arranging. It’s insane. I am a very laid-back person when it comes to housekeeping. I usually clean when it’s dirty, but not before (or because “I always do this on Wednesdays”).

I also visited a local moms meetup group today – it was lovely (always a pleasant surprise when you meet a lot of strangers through internet and they turn out to be nice). I am hoping to get to know more mommies in the area as I know no one here (we moved here just over a year ago). Of course, they told me lots of birth, water breakage, and natural deliveries stories. And half of them told me that visiting an Italian restaurant lead them – or someone they know – to getting contractions (we met in an Italian restaurant). Hmm, we shall see.

What else?

These days, when I wake up to pee around 6 am, I cannot go back to sleep because everything aches and hurts. I am just not comfortable. I toss and turn and then get up with my hubby at 7 am. Today I managed to fall asleep on the couch, had a nice nap. I guess soon all I will be doing is napping – an hour here, half an hour there… Better get used to the couch 😉

My sister is coming on Sunday, with my niece. I wonder if the baby will arrive before then or not (it’s my EDD). Or during (in which case I have my best friend ready to go and pick them up at the airport).

Overall, I am in a weird mood. Even the girls commented today how amazingly Zen I am about this whole labour thing. Somehow I am not worried, or excited, or anxious, or whatever. I personally feel that my attitude is similar to when I go back to Russia to visit my family: I am excited to go there and see them, but I know there will be a painfully long trip, maybe with delays, with lack of sleep, and with a heavy jet lag afterwards. This comparison might pound very weird or even insensitive to you, but that’s how I pretty much feel about the labour itself: it’s gonna be long, it’s gonna be painful, but it won’t last forever. The outcome will be very exciting, but the labour itself is not something I am looking forward to – it’s just an inevitable step on the way to meeting my baby. So I don’t think about it. And do not stress over it. Yes, I guess I am zen. At least for now. When contractions start – I might get an adrenaline rush and finally realize – THIS IT! THIS IS HAPPENING!

For now? I am cleaning, reading, and painting.


6 Responses to “Nesting… Mom meetup group… Zen About Labour”

  1. Cathleen February 1, 2012 at 11:09 PM #

    I love seeing your artwork. It’s amazing.

    In regards to labor, you never know, it might not be long and painful. Maybe you will get lucky and it will be quick and easy. Either way, you will forget about it once you meet your son :).

    • zygotta February 1, 2012 at 11:26 PM #

      Thank you Cathleen. I borrowed a few library books on watercolour and am spending my time learning how to use it. It’s anew medium for me.

      As for labour – if my mom and my sis are any indicator, it’s not gonna be easy. I guess if I got a stretchmark-free belly from them, I’ll get the hard-labour, too 😉

  2. babiesandus February 2, 2012 at 12:59 PM #

    Oh how I wish I had your energie right about now!

    Love the picture!

    • zygotta February 2, 2012 at 2:32 PM #

      Hang in there, Lindi!
      I went through a very low-energy period up until the baby has dropped… it’s all part of the fun 😉

  3. Laurie February 2, 2012 at 8:12 PM #

    Very cool painting. I’d love if you showed more of your work! Good luck with everything!

    • zygotta February 2, 2012 at 10:14 PM #

      Thank you Laurie. It’s not so much a painting as it is a sketch. I just started learning watercolours two weeks ago (once I stopped working). I borrowed a few books from the library and paint a bit every day 😉

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