Tough Day

8 Mar

My sis and niece left Sunday noon. The first few days were fine – I even cooked on Monday and Tuesday, went for walks almost every day, had some time to read and relax…

Well, not today. First of all, waking up was TORTURE. It was a very dreary grey day here, albeit warm. Getting out of bed to feed Timothy was next to impossible, especially since it’s been a while since I last felt well-slept. I cannot sleep during daytime so cannot catch on my sleep ;(

Due to weather, we didn’t go for a walk, either.

So I spent the whole day locked up with a very fussy Timothy, who slept for 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there and fussed and cried the rest of the time (a couple of times even in the middle of his meal). By early evening, I decided he must be colicky. People say colic usually starts in the first three weeks, and Timothy is 4.5 weeks now, but he was screaming his head off, curling his knees, and was almost impossible to soothe (and whenever I soothed him, he would fall asleep for maybe 5 minutes).

To make things worse, my hubby is sick. Whether it’s cold or flu or whatever we don’t know – but he stays away from Timothy. So there was no relief for me even in the evening.

My back hurts. My arms hurt. My incision started to hurt again – from having spent the entire day rocking, walking, bouncing on a yoga ball and doing everything imaginable to soothe him.

In the end, I think his stomach was bothering him. He now is asleep, having had a great noisy-smelly poop. I don’t have it in me to change his diaper. He’s asleep! Let him sleep. That’s what diapers are for – to absorb things…

I am exhausted. I feel like a bulldozer ran over me.

But you know what? As I was rocking him to sleep now, he started smiling in his semi-sleep. And it all makes it SOOO worth it.

Going to bed now. Tomorrow should be a better day (and, well… hopefully this night will be better than this day, too).


2 Responses to “Tough Day”

  1. Aspiring Mom to Be March 8, 2012 at 10:44 PM #

    I’ve been reading online about fussy babies. My little boy started being really, really fussy for most of the time he is a awake about a week ago. He seems not be happy unless I’m holding him (which I can’t do all the time!). Apparently 4-6 weeks is peak time for fussiness. Although I’m not sure why… From everything I read online, it is suppose to get better.

    I’m glad 🙂

    • zygotta March 11, 2012 at 9:51 AM #

      oh yay! I can live with a 2-week fussiness pick 😉
      thank God it’s not colic, though!

      I’m glad, too 😉

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