All is Relative

11 Mar

When I was ttc, time didn’t seem to move. CD1, CD2… 2ww… It always seemed like tomorrow will never come.

Then I got pregnant, and the first trimester was pretty much the same: I was willing another week to pass, to get closer to 2nd trimester, then mid-pregnancy, then viability. It was like 5w2d, 5w3d, 6w1d…

And then after reaching the viability point, it became more of a 25 weeks… 26 weeks… 27 weeks… I stopped paying much attention to the days.

The last month of pregnancy was just it – the last month of pregnancy. The state of mind “it can happen anytime” – although it happened after I reached the 40-week mark.

And then it happened – my baby boy was born. And that was OVER A MONTH AGO. How did this happen? Where did all this time go??? Incredible.

Time is relative. I hope it won’t be flying that fast all the time from now on. I need to enjoy my baby more, to remember all his cute  faces and gestures and noises.

But the fact that a whole month has gone by so fast has a positive side to it, too – in no time he will be able to sleep better, communicate better, self-entertain better… And I will be able to sleep better, too! Maybe he will even stop waking up before 7 am, who knows? 😉


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