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Time Off

26 Apr

Hubby and Timothy went to the community centre for dads’n’babies program.

I took an extravagantly long hot shower – with all the shavings, scrubbings and stuff – but now I don’t know what to do.

Next time I shall book a massage. Or pedicure.

Wise Baby

26 Apr

Sometimes I suspect Timothy understands far more than an 11-week-old is supposed to.


He was sitting in his swing, mumbling and cooing, but starting to sound a bit irritated. I approached him and, while winding up the swing, told him: you need to sleep now – because then you will eat and then you and Daddy have a thing at the community centre to attend together. So you need to rest now.

The moment I stepped aside, he promptly turn his head and fell asleep.

And there are many occasions like this when I feel awestruck. Dumbfounded. Whatever adjective you like…


23 Apr

Timothy was making grunting noises. I squinted at the clock: 7 am. “Go back to sleep, you JUST ate” – I thought and snuggled back in my blanket.

Then I woke up – it was 7:30 am  – and realized with a start that no, Timothy did not JUST eat. In fact, the last time he ate was at 9 pm yesterday. He didn’t wake up for his night-time feed today – which I didn’t realize when I first woke up!

I am officially amazed.

Timothy, you are THE BEST.


Fertility Clinic + Gyno

21 Apr

Timothy and I went to our fertility clinic yesterday – to say thank you. I was BLOWN AWAY by the fact that they not only remembered me by name – they remembered that just before getting pregnant, I had gone to Iceland! A-mazing! Considering that I was their patient for only 6 months.

They took a picture of Timothy, congratulated me on looking great, and told me that another new mommy visited them earlier that day, also with a boy who was also an excellent sleeper 🙂

My doctor warned me that I just might get easily pregnant on my own next time – when we get to it. That’s the nature of PCOS. And, of course, told me to come see him if there are problems 🙂

It was very nice to see them all – and I was surprised to find out the the ultrasound tech was pregnant herself while we were seeing her. I had no idea! We actually exchanged phone numbers for we both live in the same area. We shall have a playdate, her son is 4 months older.

And then Timothy and I went to see my gyno. Yes, for the post-op! Yes, 10 weeks post-op – no one looked at me since we were discharged from the hospital!

She told me that it’s normal to experience tremendous pain while trying to have sex and told me that it will remain painful until I get my first period – which might take a while. It turns out, the bigger the baby (and the more milk he requires) – the later the period comes back. If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, that is. She said not to be surprised if there is no period for 6 months and told me to come and see her only if I go for 7 months with no period. Works for me! I am not a big fan of AF 🙂

She also told me that I need to be very careful and not get preggo until Timothy is at least 9 months old – because I had a c-section. And she also said that my hormones might have corrected themselves after pregnancy and delivery and I really might get pregnant on my own next time. So we will be using condoms and lots of KY for the next few months!

And someone asked me to post a picture of Timothy – here you go!


Big Babies and Assumptions

20 Apr

Yesterday I brought Timothy to the office to meet my colleagues. They were all enchanted by how cute, calm and BIG he is. One absent-minded colleague asked me: how old is he? 6 months? Nope, he’s two.

And my boss told me to be prepared for people to think Timothy is… what’s the politically correct term?.. developmentally challenged? She said her sister has big babies and every time she hears something like: he doesn’t talk? What’s wrong with him? – Well, nothing’s wrong. He’s one year old.

Hmmm. I guess I really should get ready for questions like this. Every single passerby who stick his nose in my stroller asks: how old is he? 6? So I just can see the surprised expressions a few months down the road when he will be even bigger but nor crawling, not walking, not talking. I need to grow thick skin against people’s assumptions.

Anyhow. I have a wonderful, healthy baby – and that’s the most important thing. I know that he’s great, and everyone else can go you-know-where.

Clothes and Breastfeeding

20 Apr

Remember how I thanked God for dresses (to conceal postpartum rollers)?

Yesterday, as I sat down on a bench in a park to feed Timothy, I covered myself and then lifted my t-shirt and… I realized that I will need to buy dresses if I want to wear them AND breastfeed. I mean, I can’t just lift the dress like a t-shirt, right? 🙂

So I’ll have to go shopping, soon.



17 Apr

Now the weirdest thoughts come into my head to depress me.

The other day I realized that one day I will have to die and leave Timothy alone on this planet. This was extremely unsettling and bizarre at the same time – I used to get sad because I will die, because I will be no more. Now the prospect of leaving Timothy is what saddens me. And I can’t shake this thought off. Very sad.

And then I also keep thinking that he won’t be smiling at me with his wide, open-mouth smile with a twinkle in his eye for much longer. I mean, he will be smiling – but not simply because he saw me, not simply because I smiled at him. And it also saddens me.

Time is passing by so quickly and I don’t want it to pass… I want things to be pretty much like this forever!


It’s not All About Size

15 Apr

Yes, I do fit in most of my clothes.

But. No – BUT!

BUT the moment I bend or sit down, all the stomach – that was fitting nicely and flatly in the waistline while standing – turns into an ugly, soft, wobbly roller.

I guess I will have to start exercising, after all. I never did. The prospect annoys me. Yes – it doesn’t daunt me, or depress me – it annoys me. I see the need to exercise as a nuisance.

But I don’t want no rollers.

Well. Until then, I guess I can wear dresses and look stunning – nothing ever bulges in dresses. Thank God it’s almost summertime!


14 Apr

I now fit in half of my clothes. They don’t fit me exactly the same (they used to slide down the waist/hips a bit lower) – but still! I am out of maternity jeans. Finally. Yay!

Next milestone – stuffing myself in my skinny jeans? 🙂

Timothy Growing Fast

13 Apr

Oh, and you know what I had to do today? I had to get the box with 6-12 mos clothes off the top shelf in the closet. That’s right. All of the 0-3 are small and even some 3-6 are small!!!

So it’s laundry time tonight for all this stuff and we’ll try those on tomorrow. They look awfully big, but let’s see how they look on him…