Timothy the Social Butterfly

1 Apr

Yesterday, for the first time we went other people’s house with Timothy. It was supposed to be a BBQ backyard party, but the weather went bad, so the hosts were cooking outside, but we all stayed inside. Timothy behaved well on the way there and back (about 40 minutes one way), as well as while we were there. He ate, he played, he snoozed… Everyone was charmed by our well-behaved baby.

Today, like last Sunday, I fed Timothy at 5 am and brought over to my hubby and went back to sleep. I was a bit restless and even had a nightmare: I was dreaming that the three of us are on the way to the airport, going to a sun destination, and that’s when I realized that we packed my stuff, we packed hubby’s stuff, but for Timothy? We had only the diaper bag with a couple of sleepers and 3-4 diapers… I was TERRIFIED 🙂

Anyway, I enjoyed the sleeping in.

Then we had a baby massage class. Timothy enjoyed a full hour of massage, delivered by daddy. At one point he started to fuss, so I held him and my hubby continued massaging.

Then we packed Timothy into his car seat and went out for brunch. Eggs benedict, cappuccino… ahhhh…

Then we went to TRU to look at carseats and figure out what’s next (our carseat is up to 20 lbs – and as Timothy is already 13, we decided to start looking).

Now we are expecting some friends to come over. Timothy ate and is playing in his playpen.

Golden baby.

Love you, Timothy!


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