3 Months Old

8 May

Timothy turned 3 months old yesterday.

We marked the milestone by leaving him to sleep alone.

Yes, the decision for me to move into his room for the firth three months (as opposed to letting him sleep in our bedroom) was the right choice. I don’t think he even noticed my absence. I fed him at 9, left him in his crib, and the next time I walked into his room was at 4:30 am when he asked for a feeding.

4:30 is a bit early for him, he usually sleeps until 5:30-6:30 am. And he usually eats very lightly – just one boob, for maybe 7 minutes. But today he ate both – for half an hour! I am guessing because he didn’t eat well in the evening, he was too sleepy.

Anyway, by 5 am he was done, I left him in his crib and then he woke up for the day at 8 am.


I also read a chapter out of the “what to expect” book, for the first year. You know, every chapter states what your baby is supposed to be doing, is likely doing, might be doing and might EVEN be doing? Well, I didn’t even realize how developed Timothy is – he already is doing everything, except for rolling over. I didn’t even realise that grabbing toys or turning head to my voice or holding head firmly in the upright position is such a big deal for a 3-month old.

My strong baby 🙂

One of his t-shirt’s label says: “9 months…13.5-16 lbs”. Hmmm… Timothy is 16 pounds at 3 months. 

Fun times…


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