11 weeks

18 Aug

According to my self-proclaimed EDD, today marks 11 weeks.

I found one more reason to go for c-section: in the hospitals, priority is given to c-sections and twins, when distributing single-rooms. I would really hate sharing a room with another sleepless baby and never-ending stream of nurses not only to my and baby’s beds – but to theirs, too.

As I was pushing the stroller towards a nearby playground, wearing my new maternity capri jeans, I all of a sudden realized that I seem to have found my peace. I felt so blissfully pregnant in that moment, in sink with the budding life inside my belly, a happy momma waiting for an addition to the family.

I think I finally fully believe that I am pregnant, we’ll have a baby in early March, and the absence of spotting over the past 4-5 days helps me breathe.

I think it took me much longer to relax with the first pregnancy – probably the twice-a-day progesterone suppositories were a powerful reminder of my malfunctioning body. I think having gotten pregnant on my own this time around, it is easier to believe in the abilities of your own reproductive system.

I don’t trust my system enough to attempt natural birth, though. I did not enjoy the pain, too (I couldn’t get an epidural for ages). And I am not the type that embraces epidural-free natural birth. That simply is not for me. Maybe my pain is stronger than that of an average woman, maybe I am a wuss, whatever the reason is – I don’t think I want to experience that again.

Oh, and the memories of the size of my baby boy (10 pounds) – and his head, especially (36 cm) gives me chills to this day. THIS was trying to get through WHERE???..

Anyhow. I am happy with my newly found peace. I hope it stays with me.


4 Responses to “11 weeks”

  1. Mrs FF August 19, 2013 at 6:58 AM #

    You are too funny!!! I laughed out loud on reading this part: “Oh, and the memories of the size of my baby boy (10 pounds) – and his head, especially (36 cm) gives me chills to this day. THIS was trying to get through WHERE???..” Too Too FUNNY.

    11 weeks already, time really goes fast. Is your doctor not able to tell from the measurements and your LMP how far along you are?

    • zygotta August 22, 2013 at 8:14 PM #

      My period is 5-6 weeks long, typically, so no – not from LMP.

      In Canada, you don’t get an ultrasound when you go see a gyno – just doppler. They send you for u/s at 11-13 weeks for the NT scan, and then the anatomy scan. That’s it – unless there’s something wrong.

      I just had my NT scan yesterday – so next time I see my gyno, I’ll have a better idea of how far along I am.

      • Mrs FF August 23, 2013 at 12:11 PM #

        oh really… You get an ultrasound at every visit here (at least you do at my doctor) but of course it is private healthcare.

        • zygotta August 26, 2013 at 8:56 PM #

          yes, private healthcare is a whole different story…

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