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16 weeks, Kicking

27 Sep

I am 16w5d.

The bay is KICKING! Well, kicking is not the right word, but I feel it every day doing tiny somersaults inside me. It’s a familiar and unfamiliar feeling at the same time – it reminds me of Timothy, but then I have much sharper memories of big Timothy stretching my belly every which way. I don’t really remember these tiny flutters (although now that I am feeling them on a daily basis, I am more sure than ever that what I felt at 12 weeks was the baby, and not a figment of my imagination).

My anatomy scan is scheduled in less than 2 weeks – I hope we will find out what we’re having. Hubby hopes for a girl, while I don’t really care either way. Timothy is so awesome that I wouldn’t mind having another one like him 🙂

My c-section is booked, too – in early March. I was surprised they booked it only 4 days before my EDD. But then I was relieved, too. See, I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of evicting the baby before the baby is ready. I also think that the longer the baby stays in, the bigger the baby gets, the bigger their stomach gets, the more they can eat at a time – and the longer they can sleep at a time. That’s my theory. So I was worrying about evicting the baby before it’s time. But 4 days shouldn’t make much difference – and, well, if the baby decided it is time before then – so be it. It will still be a c-section, just an emergency one, right?

Since I started taking liquid iron supplements, life has changed. I am alive, I am not in bed until 10:30 pm, I have energy to go to the playground with Timothy every day after daycare, for about 40 minutes before it’s dinner time… All in all, I feel great.

I am showing more and more. The belly is very pronounced when I sit. You know how with a fat belly when you sit down it all kind of… folds? I hated that about my postpartum body 🙂 Well, now it most definitely sticks out and gets nice and round when I sit. Yesterday someone offered me their seat on the streetcar.

The funny thing I still don’t fully understand I am expecting another baby. I still have this deja vu feeling, as if I am pregnant all over again with Timothy (even though the 19-month old Timothy is running around me in circles). I am half-expecting to have the same labour experience, same-looking baby, same way to spend the matleave… It’s weird. I have to prepare myself that this is a different baby. It might be very different, for all I know – not sleeping, being colicky, etc. I should prepare myself for that!

I am in a rush to “live life” before I am caught in the breastfeeding cycle again. Going out for a dinner and movie with a friend today, picnic tomorrow, hiking on Sunday… A spa day planned, want to go see Les Miserables musical with hubby, take a dancing class, have a girls night in cooking party… I have a whole list of things I wanna do while I can, relatively easy 🙂

There are some work-related worries on my mind, but that’s a whole other post, I’ll share some other time…

All in all, this pregnancy – unlike the first one, seems to be moving soooo fast!

Ahhhh, Now, That’s Better

20 Sep

For the past 2.5 months I was exhausted like never before. By 7 pm I would feel the way I usually feel after a long transatlantic flight and 2 days in a row without sleep. Only I felt like this every evening, despite sleeping 10 hours a day!

I was also constantly cold, and at my gyno appointment it turned out that my blood pressure was really low – as was my hemoglobin. So she concluded my iron is low.

Now, iron supplements usually mean constipation, right?

Wrong! It turns out that there are iron supplements in liquid form in natural stores (like mineral water… that tastes like you’re licking your sipper). And they do not cause constipation!

Long story short, after taking the very first dose of liquid iron, I felt totally okay that very evening! Amazing. Why did I suffer for so long, thinking it’s just first trimester tiredness…

14 weeks and 2nd gyno appointment

11 Sep

I had my second gyno appointment on Monday.

My edd calculations confirmed. My actual edd has nothing to do with my lmp. My official due date is March 10.

I decided to go with c-section, for a number of reasons:
– my first labour was LONG. The extremely painful contractions weren’t doing much. And after c-section you’re not allowed stimulation (they fear the scar might tear from such intense contractions)

– Babies usually get bigger with each pregnancy, so if Timothy was 10 pounds, chances are the new baby will be just as big, if not bigger. I might suffer and fail to give birth again.

– Typically they oppose natural birth after c-section if kids are less than 2 years apart. Mine will be 25 months apart, hardly more than the recommended 2-year frame.

– We don’t have relatives here, so it will be easier planning Timothy’s whereabouts with a planned delivery. We’ll be able to make plans who will take care of him.

– Small perk: c-section and twin mamas get priority in line for private post-delivery rooms. And I dislike the idea of another mom, dad, and potentially screaming baby in the same room.

My doc also told me (after I announced my decision) that a planned c-section is usually easier. You are not exhausted after hours of labour, so the first hours with the baby are far more enjoyable. Your internal organs are not all swollen from labour efforts, so the healing will be easier and faster.

I am waiting for them to get back to me with the c-section date.

She measured my blood pressure and said it’s very low (which is sort of a good thing, better than high anyway). I added that I am exhausted and permanently cold – she checked my bloodwork and it looks like my hemoglobin is borderline low. So I will get a natural liquid iron supplement. Hopefully I’ll regain some energy and will stop freezing…

I totally forgot that to get the down syndrome testing results I need to do another blood test – in 2 weeks. So no results yet.

We listened to the heartbeat, strong and fast 🙂

So now I need to get iron supplements, pregvit refill, get my anatomy ultrasound scheduled, get my c-section scheduled, and get the second blood test done. I hope I manage to keep all this in my head!

I still haven’t gained much weight, about 3-4 pounds so far (compared to 10 at this point the first time around). But the bump is definitely there. Although not obvious enough for others to realize I’m pregnant 🙂

I am still craving spicy foods. Was very under-whelmed in a fine dine restaurant the other day with all their bland meats and fish. No spice, no herbs, I even needed to salt my food! Good thing I didn’t have to pay (corporate outing).

Timothy brought a nasty throat infection a week and a half ago, which he generously shared with me. Tough, when you can’t take any pills. The good thing is that, just like the last time, pregnancy gives my immune system a boost and I don’t get as sick as usual – I skipped the Niagara-Falls-like running nose phase. I hate that the most about getting sick.