16 weeks, Kicking

27 Sep

I am 16w5d.

The bay is KICKING! Well, kicking is not the right word, but I feel it every day doing tiny somersaults inside me. It’s a familiar and unfamiliar feeling at the same time – it reminds me of Timothy, but then I have much sharper memories of big Timothy stretching my belly every which way. I don’t really remember these tiny flutters (although now that I am feeling them on a daily basis, I am more sure than ever that what I felt at 12 weeks was the baby, and not a figment of my imagination).

My anatomy scan is scheduled in less than 2 weeks – I hope we will find out what we’re having. Hubby hopes for a girl, while I don’t really care either way. Timothy is so awesome that I wouldn’t mind having another one like him 🙂

My c-section is booked, too – in early March. I was surprised they booked it only 4 days before my EDD. But then I was relieved, too. See, I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of evicting the baby before the baby is ready. I also think that the longer the baby stays in, the bigger the baby gets, the bigger their stomach gets, the more they can eat at a time – and the longer they can sleep at a time. That’s my theory. So I was worrying about evicting the baby before it’s time. But 4 days shouldn’t make much difference – and, well, if the baby decided it is time before then – so be it. It will still be a c-section, just an emergency one, right?

Since I started taking liquid iron supplements, life has changed. I am alive, I am not in bed until 10:30 pm, I have energy to go to the playground with Timothy every day after daycare, for about 40 minutes before it’s dinner time… All in all, I feel great.

I am showing more and more. The belly is very pronounced when I sit. You know how with a fat belly when you sit down it all kind of… folds? I hated that about my postpartum body 🙂 Well, now it most definitely sticks out and gets nice and round when I sit. Yesterday someone offered me their seat on the streetcar.

The funny thing I still don’t fully understand I am expecting another baby. I still have this deja vu feeling, as if I am pregnant all over again with Timothy (even though the 19-month old Timothy is running around me in circles). I am half-expecting to have the same labour experience, same-looking baby, same way to spend the matleave… It’s weird. I have to prepare myself that this is a different baby. It might be very different, for all I know – not sleeping, being colicky, etc. I should prepare myself for that!

I am in a rush to “live life” before I am caught in the breastfeeding cycle again. Going out for a dinner and movie with a friend today, picnic tomorrow, hiking on Sunday… A spa day planned, want to go see Les Miserables musical with hubby, take a dancing class, have a girls night in cooking party… I have a whole list of things I wanna do while I can, relatively easy 🙂

There are some work-related worries on my mind, but that’s a whole other post, I’ll share some other time…

All in all, this pregnancy – unlike the first one, seems to be moving soooo fast!


2 Responses to “16 weeks, Kicking”

  1. Mrs FF September 27, 2013 at 8:41 PM #

    Time flies! Can’t believe you are 16 weeks already. I’m sure you can’t wait to find out the gender. I also find it interesting that a CS is scheduled so close to the EDD . I know some gynaes like to schedule the CS for week 38 but I was reading it’s good if they at least let the baby stay in till at least 39 weeks so I guess 4 days before EDD is perfect.

  2. Sam September 30, 2013 at 6:06 AM #

    I so hear you on this. It still feels really surreal to me that I will have another baby on the 15th January next year. I think part of why it goes so quickly is that we’re so busy with our toddlers and life in general so it’s not like you’ve got the time to “focus” on the pregnancy so much.

    Yay for feeling movement!


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