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20 Weeks

20 Oct

Wow – time DOES fly by when it’s your second pregnancy and life is busy with a toddler, a hubby that studies on weekends, and demanding – but beloved job.

20 weeks. Half way through – well, more than that, actually – considering that I am scheduled for a c-section at about 39 weeks.

Baby is 20 weeks. Timothy is 20 months.

Oh Timothy… one minute my heart bursts from loving him, and then he drives me up the wall with his never-ending throwing of anything that can be thrown. Or with whining. Well, to be honest, those moments are rare. Mostly it’s love and admiration that I feel looking at him. He’s such a cool little boy, so smart and happy and strong. I’m just in a grumpy mood today.

It’s the headaches. I am so tired of them. They last for 1-2 days. I go to bed with them, I wake up with them. They’re the worst in the morning, especially if I start tossing and turning: whenever I turn on the other side, it feels like a burning piece of coal shifts from behind one eye to behind the other. It’s not too too bad when I am in an upright position – it’s more like a very heavy head just before a headache develops. Unless I need to lean, bend, or do anything else that makes my blood pressure spike. And, well, with the toddler in the house I need to do this all the time. Sigh.

Enough whining.

The baby is moving. Hubby already felt his kicks a couple of days ago and commented “oh, they’re weak”. Huh! Of course, he must be comparing them to Timothy’s kicks when he was about to get born at the whopping 10 pounds. This one is still t-i-n-y! But feisty, I’m telling you. Oh! He just kicked me 🙂

The test results were all good.

I am taking my iron supplements, they seem to be helping with my energy levels.

We have a Caribbean 2-week vacation with my parents to look forward to (they’re more impatient, though – they haven’t seen Timothy since last summer!)

The weather has been nice this fall.

Timothy talks a lot – and we expected him to be delayed! Well, they say bilingual kids usually are.  Not Timothy. He loves reading, he loves learning what things are called, he loves repeating.

He hates Windows 🙂 Yes, the company 🙂 That’s because when he asks to watch the youtube nursery rhymes videos, it takes a while for my laptop to wake up – and all he can see is the Windows logo. He point at it and says “all done, windows!” – which means he has had it with windows and wants to move on 🙂

Anyway… Timothy is really fun, he keeps me very active – which is good, most of the time. I walk a lot, spend a lot of time outdoors. He mostly makes me smile and laugh.

Hubby is awesome and as supportive as I could’ve dreamed of.

And all in all, things are great.

After vacation, we should start seriously getting ready for baby #2 (we already have a name, by the way… but we’ll keep it a secret :))

Double stroller or not?

Crib #2 or adult bed for Timothy?

Those are the big questions…

Gyno visit #3

16 Oct

I arrived there at 2:50 pm.

They finally called my name at 4:30 pm.

It was insanely hot in the waiting room. They moved offices – so I guess figuring out ventilation systems takes time. At least now they have enough seats for all the pregnant women (coincidentally, there were very few pregnant women there yesterday, very unusual).

Then it turned out they still didn’t get my down-syndrom-test-part-2 bloodwork (from 3 weeks ago!) They didn’t get my last week’s anatomy ultrasound results, either.

The doctor got her receptionist calling the clinics and was able to get an “oh, our fax is broken but the bottom line for the ultrasound is that everything is okay.” They couldn’t reach the other clinic – they closed for the day.

Hot and tires, I finally left the office at 5 pm (having spent there over 2 hours!) and raced to pick up Timothy from daycare. I made it there 5 minutes before the daycare closes. And tore my necklace while pulling out the stroller. My grandmother’s necklace. Thankfully, the beads are very big, so I was able to pick them all up.

Anyway, I was cranky to the point of criticizing the type of potatoes my hubby bought (instead of praising him for doing the groceries, which he hates). He knows me well enough to swallow all the criticism in silence.

Bottom line is that they called me today and my down syndrome test is fine. They don’t give specifics over the phone, but I am sure if they had any concerns, they would have raised hell.

So there you go. 19.5 weeks, 2 more pounds up in the past 5 weeks, anatomy scan good, down syndrome scan good, blood pressure was good (iron supplements seem to be helping).

But they decided to move my c-section date. I mentioned before they scheduled it mere 4 days prior to the due date. The last ultrasound made them doubt the correctness of this due date, so we’ll probably move it 2-3 days more. Which is still within the 40th week. Apparently, I am lucky: until 2 months ago, they were obligated to schedule all c-sections at 38 weeks (and that’s been the case for the past 15 years). They relaxed it 2 months ago, I get to benefit from this 🙂

Ultrasound #3 – Anatomy Scan

11 Oct

Well, the results of the anatomy scan will remain a mystery to me until Tuesday, when I go to see my gyno, but the verdict (albeit not a 100%, of course) is in: it’s a boy!


I am happy. I sort of wanted a boy. I know boys. Boys are familiar. Timothy will have a best friend and playmate. We have everything a boy needs.

I think my hubby’s family might be a bit sad – there very few girls on his side of the family. My parents’ comment was also something like “well, most important that the baby’s healthy” – which I also interpret as a bit of disappointment. I know how much they wanted a granddaughter (which my sis gave them almost 8 years ago) – but now they’ll have 3 grandsons and still only one granddaughter.

But hey – this is my child. And I am happy. We already chose a name – still deciding on how to spell it (there are variations available… we like the French spelling).

And I can now do the walls in their bedroom and bathroom – cover it with airplanes and firetrucks and such.

And talk to Timothy about how he’s going to have a baby brother.

“You’ll be heavily outnumbered now” – said my husband jokingly, hugging me as we were leaving the hospital.

“Well, you three better take good care of your only woman.”

Another boy. In less than 5 months. Weird!!!


4 Oct

The exhaustion is back, almost as blackening and as overpowering as before. Perhaps I was too quick to start taking iron every other day…

Terrible headaches started plaguing me, too – I wake with a headache, which subsides if I don’t move and which is at its worst if I turn from side to side – it’s as if a knife is piercing my brain somewhere behind my eyes. It’s better during the day, when I am in the upright position, but still overpowers me now and again. Perhaps it’s the weird abruptly changing weather, falling or raising atmospheric pressure… perhaps I am reading too much… whatever it is, it’s not fun – and I can’t take medication (tylenol doesn’t work on me, anyway).

On a bright side, I started fulfilling the things on my list – things I wanna do while I still can, while I am still somewhat free to go and do things. I wasn’t working last Friday, so I went for movie and lunch with my friend – we saw The Butler. And we went hiking with a group of friends (Timothy in the hiking backpack) on Sunday – followed by a dinner in a closeby restaurant (it was probably the first time Timothy behaved himself so well, no whining and waiting patiently for his food).

These two outings made me really happy.

The baby is very active, I feel it at least twice a day. Timothy wasn’t quite as active (or at least I didn’t feel his flutters quite as often) in the early days.

Just like my weekly newsletter predicted, the weight gain picked up – I gained 2 pounds in a week. But as it makes the total of 6 pounds in almost 18 weeks of pregnancy, I am unconcerned. It was bound to start at some point 🙂 I am far behind my weight gain the first time around, and even then I gained only 30 pounds throughout the whole pregnancy (10 of which turned out to be Timothy :))

I am as infatuated with spicy foods as ever. Overall, my appetite has spiked – I feel like I can eat non-stop during the day. Thankfully, the appetite shuts down towards the evening (we all know stuffing yourself in the evening is the worst)

I am starting to feel pregnant. The weird aches in pelvic area if I walk for too long. The increasing discomfort in bed, trying to find a better position. The need to exhale loudly when sitting down. Someone already tried to give me their seat on the streetcar – so I am definitely showing now.

My fuse is shorter. I lose my temper with Timothy every now and again. Just yesterday we walked in the door, he threw the newspapers onto the floor. I asked him to stop, he proceeded throwing letter onto the floor. I raised my voice a bit, repeating my request, asking him to go instead sit down and let me remove his shoes. He smiled and ran into the room, grabbed a tablet and threw onto the floor, with force. I lost it – I yelled at him. Timothy looked scared and promptly ran into the hall, sat down and stretched his leg for me to remove the shoe. I apologized for yelling and told him I love him – he smiled, jumped up and gave me a hug, laughing. Still, I felt really bad… I just don’t have as much patience when he’s throwing things around, or is scrubbing yogurt into his hair, or is trying to break free when we are walking on the street… No, it’s not like I yell at him all the time – that actually rarely happens – but I feel just how much more self-restraint it takes from me to keep smiling pleasantly, repeating the same soothing words, the same explanations of why he should or shouldn’t do something. Perhaps it has nothing to do with pregnancy – perhaps it’s all because he’s now in that stage of toddlerhood where he’s constantly testing the boundaries, but still… it wears me off.

On the other hand, I feel that Timothy is in the most wonderful stage yet. He’s learning something new every day, he gets excited by new achievements and discoveries, turning his beaming face at me, making sure I am proud, too – sharing his joys with me. I don’t think I have ever felt so overwhelmed with love as I do these days. He’s just so awesome.

I am worrying about ultrasounds. I still don’t have the results of the down screening, and anyway I heard many stories of how even after those tests babies can be born with down syndrome… I worry that although not 35 yet – I am 34, which is close enough – and at 35 they already strongly recommend doing amnio… I worry about the anatomy ultrasound next week… I feel like the feeling of surrealness over getting pregnant without medical intervention is now converting into fears that something is bound to be wrong. Next Thursday is the ultrasound, and the following week I have my gyno appointment, where I will learn all the results at once…

Well, at least I feel the baby flutters, that puts me at ease somewhat…

I think I am waiting for all these results to start really preparing for the new arrival. To start double-stroller shopping, and considering some re-decorations of the nursery (as eventually the kids will be sharing the room), and some other related questions. Now it’s all on hold.

It’s at the same times incredible that I’m at almost 18 weeks already – and that there are still 5 whole months to go. Funny feeling that time is flying fast – but there’s still far enough to go.

But the exhaustion is killing me. Maybe the time is flying so fast because I sleep so much. Work days fly by, and then weekends pass almost as quickly…